Desksense.Com Slashed Their Price

Desksense.Com has just slashed their rates of every products .. and with the cheapest price, Desksense are again back with a BANG!

The best data security software popularily known by their Best Features, Funtionality and 24 Hour's live support ... Now, there is no worry about the pricings because all the products of Desksense are low cost in market, the best compatible and most cheapest in market comparing other data security softwares....

Note down the list of features with low price value of Desksense Products :

1. Desksense Home in just $34.99 only ( DEMO available for 30-Days Use )

* File/Folder lock ( password protected )

* Super Hide File/Folder ( password protected )

* Website block ( password protected )

* Identify Harmful Websites

* Virus Block Registry

* Lock Cd/Dvd

* Lock Pen Drive/Flash

* Lock Floppy

* Lock Smart Card

* Disable Auto Updates

* Disable Remote Registry Access

* Lock Net Meeting

* Lock Remote Desktop Sharing

Screenshot :

2. Desksense Crypt in just $19.99 only ( DEMO available for 30-Days Use )

* File Encrypt ( Password Protected )

* File Decrypt

* File Password

Screenshots :

3. Desksense Monitor in just $24.99 only ( DEMO available for 30-Days Use )

* Allow Program Run

* Stop Malwares

* Authorize Access

* Graphical Representation of PC Usage

* Monitor PC Health

* Program Monitor

* Unblock & Analysis of Selected applications

Screenshots :

4. Desksense Undel ( Xp ) in just $14.99 only ( DEMO available for 30-Days Use, Only for XP OS)

* Retrieve Word File

* Retrieve Excel

* Retrieve PDF

* Retrieve Movies

* Retrieve Audios

* Retrieve Projects

* Retrieve Library

* Retrieve Powerpoint

Screenshots :

5. Desksense Professional in just $49.99 only ( DEMO available for 30-Days Use )

* All above features of Desksense Home, Crypt, Monitor, Undel .. Including,

* File Splitter

* File Merger

* File Shredder

are available in Desksense Professional ( The complete PC-security package )

Note : For further details or whatever help you need, you can contact them through their website anytime : ( active 24-hours live support )


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