Ghanshyam Sarda to be a Key Ally in Monorail Project

The city of Kolkata certainly requires a major overhaul as far as transportation is concerned. Recently, it has faced a number of transportation related problems. The commuters have faced quite a bit of problem in commuting to their offices.

A series of buses and taxi strikes have hampered the normal course of life in the city. The ruling government in West Bengal has taken a number of important steps to bring massive industrialization in the state. The state needs to compete at a global level as far as industrialization is concerned. Recently, with the initiative of the chief minister of West Bengal, a business summit of grand scale was organized.

Ghanshyam Sarda is one of the highly able and famous business leaders from the city of Kolkata. He has participated in various major business deals over the years and the monorail project is also in the pipeline. In the industrial summit which was organized in the country of Singapore, a number of global business giants participated. Scomi Engineering is one of the proven entities in the global monorail sector and has successfully completed projects in some of the most important cities like Mumbai,Sao Paolo and Kualalampur.

The members from the Ghanshyam Sarda Kolkata group had a widespread discussion about the project with those from Scomi Engineering. Both the parties agreed on the various terms of the project and the total estimated investment stands at 2,500 crores.

The entire state is looking forward to such a project of large scale. The youth of the state are looking forward to the project and a variety of new employment opportunities can be done through it. The Rajarhat Newtown area of the city has been selected as the venue for the project and the commuters will have a great time in traveling from one place to the other.

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