Baby Swinging Yoga Video !! Real Or Fake ?!!

A VIDEO claiming to show a woman twirling a baby in the air has become a huge internet hit.

High babe ... yoga teacher Lena
balances 'girl' on her hand

Lena Fokina, 50, insists her dangerous-looking "baby yoga" is GOOD for children.
She says the practice helps them to develop and that they become "early readers, singers, talkers and swimmers".

The Russian yoga teacher is seen apparently swinging a girl called Platona Goryun by her hands and feet.

Nappy landings ... 'child' is swung

The clip was shot in Egypt, where Lena is based - but last night it was believed the "baby" was a lifelike doll.

Is it a real or a fake ?!


Amazing Sand Sculptures

The Creepy Crawlies sandsculpture competition at Frankston has brought some of the best sculptors to Australia. Take a look ..

sand sculpturesA sand sculpture entitled "A Closer Look" carved by Jino van Bruinessen from Australia is seen at the Creepy Crawlies Sandsculpting Exhibition on the Frankston waterfront in Melbourne, Australia. International sand sculpture artists from around the world teamed up with their Australian counterparts to create the insect themed exhibition that will be open to the public until April, 2011

sand sculptures
sand sculpturesA sand sculpture entitled "Enchanted Garden" carved by Meg Murray from Australia

sand art
sand artA sand sculpture entitled "Hive" ...

sand art
sand art
sand sculpturesA sand sculpture entitled "Giant Scorpion" ...

sand sculptures
sand sculpturesA sand sculpture entitled "The Beatles" ...

sand sculptures
sand sculpturesLeave us your comment OR feedback anytime ...

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