How To Clean Skateboard Bearings

I'm going to show a way to clean your skateboard bearings - it's a bit complicated and a long way but it is far better for your bearings than a simple way ( Also, it will cost you little ) .

You should clean your skateboard bearings if your bearings have slowed down, seem kinda mucky, or if they make a gravely, junky sound when you spin your wheels. To avoid getting to that point, you should really clean your bearings fairly often, even when they are only a little dirty, or just haven't been cleaned in a long time. Cleaning your skateboard bearings like this from time to time will increase your bearing's lifespan, and improve your skateboarding experience.

First, you'll want to remove your skateboard bearings. You can clean your bearings without removing them, but you won't get them very clean that way. To clean your skateboard bearings well they need to have been removed from your skateboard wheels. Not sure how to do that? Pause for a second and read How To Remove Your Skateboard Bearings It's quick and easy.

Now, if you know the process of removing a bearing already then you can proceed reading ...

Best Method To Clean Your Bearings

The best method to clean your skateboard bearings, is to give some love to your bearings. What you will need is Kerosene or Mineral Spirits, 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and some good quality skateboard bearing lubricants .

The first step is to wash your bearings with the Kerosene or Mineral Spirits. Your bearings likely have a rubber shield that you will need to pop out with a small pin - but be careful not to force anything, or damage the bearings. For the wash, you want to soak your bearings in the Kerosene or Mineral Spirits. Gently swish the solution around to get some movement inside the jar or can that you are using to soak the skateboard bearings.

Then remove the bearings, and rinse them off with the 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. If you used a skateboard bearing cleaner, then you don't need to rinse with the alcohol (unless the instructions on the cleaner say to - read the instructions!).

After rinsing them off, dry your skateboard bearings quickly! A can of compressed air is perfect for this.

Now, lubricate your bearings! The lubricant you bought should have instructions for how much to use, but just a little should be fine.

Some skaters say it's best to ride your skateboard bearings without lubricant, in order to go faster. This is a terrible idea. The lubricant helps keep the bearings spinning freely, and helps to keep there from being any freezing up, not to mention lessening wear and tear and friction. Without lubricant, one of your bearings might just stop spinning ... which means that you would eat pavement. Use lubricant in your skateboard bearings.

Replace the shields you removed.

You're done! Now, put those bearings back in your wheels - and enjoy your slick, clean ride!

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