World's Most Amazing Flying Hotel !!

Crisis crazy project is no obstacle.
MI-12 - the heaviest and hoisting helicopter ever built in the world.
Check out some best image of this crazy flying hotel one after other... Wanna ride ??!!

MI-12 - the heaviest and hoisting helicopter ever built in the world.

Heaviest MI-12 is taking off...

It's a new wonder for a sky... almost looks like an art...

Large corridor ... quite luxurious !

This is a royal luxury hotel ever seen in life .. large bed, free spaces and nice interior decoration's and also the fifth wonder is that " It Can Fly " !!! Woow ! I desperately wanna ride once :)

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Conficker Virus Could Cause Internet Chaos In April Fool's Day

A computer virus which has infected millions of PCs could use April Fool's Day to wreak havoc on the internet.

The Conficker virus has infected more than 10million PCs worldwide and could cripple computers across the UK tomorrow.

Experts have warned that the worm could be used to steal credit card numbers and passwords, or even bring down websites like Google by using an army of 'robot PCs'.

Experts are warning that the Conficker virus could launch a concerted attack on websites tomorrow - April Fool's Day

The virus targets computers running Microsoft's Windows software and has spread to millions over the past several months, infecting machines on Royal Navy warships and inside the House of Commons.

Tomorrow, on April Fool's Day, the virus is programmed to check a randomly generated number of websites for 'instructions' on what the infected computers should do next.

If they were told to simultaneously connect to a single website, the network of infected 'robot computers' known as Botnets could knock it offline by deluging it with hits.

Botnets have been used in the past to generate millions of pieces of spam email and to blackmail websites by threatening to temporarily knock them out.

Experts fear that the bug could be programmed to trigger an attack on the internet - rendering email, banking and other systems unusable.

It would do this by simultaneously sending a massive numbers of search queries or generating millions of pieces of spam email to knock websites offline through the sheer weight of connections.

Experts admitted today they do not know what will happen. Graham Cluley of internet security firm Sophos said: 'The system could turn into a network of 'zombie' PCs used to send email, or attack other websites. It may also be that nothing happens.'

Mikko Hypponen, of antivirus software firm F-Secure, said: 'It is scary thinking about how much control a hacker could have. They would have access to millions of machines.'

Microsoft has offered users free software to remove the worm, and even offered a $250,000 reward for anyone who reveals its writers.

But Ed Gibson, Microsoft's chief security adviser for the UK, said: '1 April is a classic date for anything like this to go off. But I would hate to say it is going to be unlike any other day.'

PC users can protect against Conficker by ensuring their computer is up to date with the latest free security software from www.microsoft.com, updating antivirus software, and not opening unfamiliar email attachments.

source : microsoft.com

Top 10 Tattoos For Internet Freaks

If net surfing is what you are addicted to everyday, then such tattoos are specially meant for you. Check out 9 more pics on tattoos for internet freaks after the jump. Hey also, let me know what you want to wear ... comment whatever you like !!

Check out some more weird and wonderful tattoos worn by dedicated technology fans at HERE...which we have posted few days before ....

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Top 10 MysteriousThings In Space

The more we look among the stars and galaxies, the weirder things seem to get.

Even space itself is puzzling, for example. Recent studies suggest that the fabric of the universe stretches more than 150 billion light-years across -- in spite of the fact that the cosmos is 13.7 billion years old.

From super-fast stars to the nature of matter, here we cover other strange and mysterious elements of the universe.

1. Hypervelocity Stars

If you've ever gazed at the night sky, you've probably wished upon a shooting star (which are really meteors).

But shooting stars do exist, and they're as rare as one in 100 million.

In 2005, astronomers discovered the first "hypervelocity" star careening out of a galaxy at nearly 530 miles per second (10 times faster than ordinary star movement).

We have ideas about what flings these rare stars into deep space, but aren't certain; anything from off-kilter supernova explosions to supermassive black holes might be responsible.

2. Black Holes

Speaking of black holes, what could be stranger?

Beyond a black hole's gravitational border -- or event horizon -- neither matter nor light can escape. Astrophysicists think dying stars about three to 20 times the mass of the sun can form these strange objects. At the center of galaxies, black holes about 10,000 to 18 billion times heavier than the sun are thought to exist, enlarged by gobbling up gas, dust, stars and small black holes.

What about mid-sized types? Perhaps surprisingly, evidence is both scarce and questionable for their existence.

3. Magnetars

The sun spins about once every 25 days, gradually deforming its magnetic field.

Well, imagine a dying star heavier than the sun collapsing into a wad of matter just a dozen miles in diameter.

Like a spinning ballerina pulling his or her arms inward, this change in size spins the neutron star -- and its magnetic field -- out of control.

Calculations show these objects possess temporary magnetic fields about one million billion times stronger than the Earth's. That's powerful enough to destroy your credit card from hundreds of thousands of miles away, and deform atoms into ultra-thin cylinders.

4. Neutrinos

Pull out a dime from your pocket and hold it up for a second... guess what? About 150 billion tiny, nearly massless particles called neutrinos just passed through it as though it didn't even exist.

Scientists have found that they originate in stars (living or exploding), nuclear material and from the Big Bang. The elementary particles come in three "flavors" and, stranger still, seem to disappear on a whim.

Because neutrinos occasionally do interact with "normal" matter such as water and mineral oil, scientists hope they can use them as a revolutionary telescope to see beyond parts of the universe obscured by dust and gas.

5. Dark Matter

If you put all of the energy and matter of the cosmos into a pie and divvy it up, the result is shocking.

All of the galaxies, stars, planets, comets, asteroids, dust, gas and particles account for just 4 percent of the known universe. Most of what we call "matter" -- about 23 percent of the universe -- is invisible to human eyes and instruments.

For now.

Scientists can see dark matter's gravitational tug on stars and galaxies, but are searching feverishly for ways to detect it first-hand. They think particles similar to neutrinos yet far more massive could be the mysterious, unseen stuff.

6. Dark Energy

What really has everyone on the planet confused -- including scientists -- is dark energy.

To continue with the pie analogy, dark energy is a Garfield-sized portion at 73 percent of the known universe. It seems to pervade all of space and push galaxies farther and farther away from one another at increasingly faster speeds.

Some cosmologists think this expansion will leave the Milky Way galaxy as an "island universe" in a few trillion years with no other galaxies visible.

Others think the rate of expansion will become so great that it will result in a "Big Rip." In this scenario, the force of dark energy overcomes gravity to disassemble stars and planets, the forces keeping particles sticking together, the molecules in those particles, and eventually the atoms and subatomic particles. Thankfully, humankind probably won't be around to witness to cataclysm.

7. Planets

It might sound strange because we live on one, but planets are some of the more mysterious members of the universe.

So far, no theory can fully explain how disks of gas and dust around stars form planets -- particularly rocky ones.

Not making matters easier is the fact that most of a planet is concealed beneath its surface. Advanced gadgetry can offer clues of what lies beneath, but we have heavily explored only a few planets in the solar system.

Only in 1999 was the first planet outside of our celestial neighborhood detected, and in November 2008 the first bona fide exoplanet images taken.

8. Gravity

The force that helps stars ignite, planets stay together and objects orbit is one of the most pervasive yet weakest in the cosmos

Scientists have fine-tuned just about every equation and model to describe and predict gravity, yet its source within matter remains a complete and utter mystery.

Some think infinitesimal particles called gravitons exude the force in all matter, but whether or not they could ever be detected is questionable.

Still, a massive hunt is on for major shake-ups in the universe called gravitational waves. If detected (perhaps from a merger of black holes), Albert Einstein's concept that the universe has a "fabric" of spacetime would be on solid ground.

9. Life

Matter and energy abound in the universe, but only in a few places is the roll of the cosmic dice perfect enough to result in life.

The basic ingredients and conditions necessary for this strange phenomenon are better understood than ever before, thanks to abundant access to life here on Earth.

But the exact recipe -- or recipes -- to go from the basic elements of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur to an organism is a prevailing mystery.

Scientists seek out new areas in the solar system where life could have thrived (or still may, such as below the surface of watery moons), in hopes of arriving at a compelling theory for life's origins.

10. The Universe

The source of energy, matter and the universe itself is the ultimate mystery of, well, the universe.

Based on a widespread afterglow called the cosmic microwave background (and other evidence), scientists think that the cosmos formed from a "Big Bang" -- an incomprehensible expansion of energy from an ultra-hot, ultra-dense state.

Describing time before the event, however, may be impossible.

Still, atom smasher searches for particles that formed shortly after the Big Bang could shed new light on the universe's mysterious existence -- and make it a bit less strange than it is today.

Source : http://dsc.discovery.com

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Just Pay $9K For A Master Degree In Social Media

If you thought online social networking was just an idle pastime, think again.

A university is to offer a Masters degree covering sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo.

Students will learn how to set up blogs and podcasts online and also how to use the sites in communications and marketing.

Birmingham City University is offering a one-year Masters degree in Social Media, which covers sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo

The £4,400 one-year MA in Social Media will start next year at Birmingham City University.

It has been advertised through a makeshift video on the university's website.

Its convenor, Jon Hickman, said he had received a good response from potential students.

He said: 'It's not for freaks or IT geeks. The tools learned on this course will be accessible to many people.

'It will definitely appeal to students looking to go into professions including journalism and PR.'

However, one Birmingham-based student, 20-year-old Jamie Waterman, said: 'It's of no interest to me whatsoever. Virtually all of the content of this course is so basic it can be self-taught.

'In fact most people know all this stuff already. I think it's a complete waste of university resources.'



Existence Of Phantoms Around The World

An eerie image of a figure in period costume at a Scottish castle has spooked experts conducting the biggest ever investigation into photographic evidence for ghosts. The picture, taken in May 2008, appears to show a man or woman in a ruff peering out of a barred window at Tantallon Castle. No mannequins or costumed guides are employed at the castle, and three photographic experts have confirmed that no digital trickery was used on the photo. Tantallon Castle, a ruined fortress dating back to the 14th century, stands on a remote rocky headland near North Berwick on the Scottish east coast.

Runners up were as follows: Second place; "The Ghost in the Woods": The picture appears to show a strange ghostly figure in the trees.

Sceptics' explanation: Probably simply a mixture of shadows, leaves and branches

Third place; "The Ghost on the Street": A strange shadowy figure appears next to the couple in the picture.
Sceptics' explanation: The blurring in the image suggests a long exposure. A person may have walked past the photographer unnoticed .

Fourth place; "The Ghost on the Beach": A mysterious dark hooded figure stands at the water's edge.
Sceptics' explanation: The figure is an illusion created by an indentation in the rock face .

Fifth place; "The Ghost in the Mirror": A ghostly face appears in a car's wing mirror. The photographer says no-one else was around at the time.
Sceptics' explanation: The face could be a reflection of a headrest, someone standing nearby, or the result of digital manipulation .

Some of the other photos submitted to the site include this 'face' image. Possibly due to people seeing patterns in random shapes. Photographer Filip Gazi.

A misty face looms large in this photo, possibly caused by condensed breath in front of the lens. Photographer Lorraine Morrison.

Taken whilst the photographer was out walking with his children and dog, this image appears to contain a strange figure in the trees. Skeptics argue that the apparent figure is simply a mixture of shadows, leaves and branches.

A 'figure' image. Possibly due to a double image or long exposure.

This picture by Michael Dunbar appears to show a ghostly figure walking up the path, but sceptics say this is probably another long exposure.

An 'orb' image. Possibly caused by the camera flash reflecting off tiny dust particles. Photographer Mark Stock.

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Largest Virus Threat Awaited (9 Million +)

MILLIONS of computers around the world could go into meltdown on April 1 because of a deadly virus.

The Windows worm called Conficker could give a hacker unrestricted access to every infected machine on the planet.

And the aggressive bug could be hiding on your PC at home right now, waiting to kick in.

For the hackers, it’s like having a virtual army at their fingertips.

The criminals behind it have the power to launch a tidal wave of junk emails, bringing computers grinding to a halt.

They could also plunder information, including your bank details.

But the truth is that the best techie brains in the business just don’t know exactly what the hackers have in mind.


Virus expert Mikko Hypponen, from the firm F-Secure, said: “It is scary thinking about how much control a hacker could have over all these computers. They would have access to millions of machines.”

Microsoft, who developed the Windows computer operating system, have slapped a £175,000 bounty on whoever is responsible, so far without success.

The sophisticated Conficker bug — also known as Downadup or Kido — targets systems via the web and can be spread on memory sticks.

More than nine million computers were infected at the bug’s peak last month.

And if Conficker is still on your system come Wednesday, you could be in trouble.

Once inside your PC, it sets up files and starts downloading information from a controlling “boss” server.

Finding that website and the mastermind behind it all is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

That is because the bug creates hundreds of bogus addresses every day to put investigators off the scent.

The infected PCs then form a network and “talk” to each other, updating and evolving.

The bug even attacks anti-virus software and other files on your computer to strengthen its position.

And it resets “restore” points, making recovery of your old system even harder.

The first of three Conficker strains was discovered in November last year.

A second, more aggressive strain followed in December and a third this month. This contains the all-important April 1 trigger.

Trigger :

To avoid infection, Windows users must download a special free update “patch” from the Microsoft website. But that isn’t enough — you also need good anti-virus software too.

Many businesses around the world are thought also to be at risk after failing to update systems.

Graham Cluley, from computer security firm Sophos, warned: “Microsoft did a good job of updating people’s home computers.

“But the virus continues to infect businesses that have ignored the update.”

He also stressed the need for strong passwords on your computer, adding: “If users are using weak passwords — 12345, QWERTY etc — then the virus can crack them.”

F-Secure’s Mikko warned potential problems with Conficker would be highlighted wildly before April 1.

But he said he didn’t foresee an attack, despite the fears and mystery surrounding the problem.

He said: “There’s always hype — just think of previous cases.

“There is not going to be a ‘global virus attack’. We don’t know what they are planning to do, if anything.

“I think the machines that are already infected might do something new on April 1.”

Let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, that it turns out to be an April Fools’ Day hoax.

TEST your system’s safety for free by attempting to go to f-secure.com. If you can’t, you can download the patch at microsoft.com to disinfect your PC.

Stupid Girl Playing With Her Life !

Russian teens have now found a new fun. They dare trains.

This is needed to be done fast, because if one is appearing before the train too long before and machinist could see him and start breaking, so they run on the rails just before the train so he couldn’t start breaking and fell down on the rails, then the train moves above the person at his maximum speed, just a few inches from his head and back.

Russian teen girls seem to go for this too. This is really a desperate activity taken by this damn teen with her life .... But Is it a Real Or A Fake ?? !! whatever am speechless !! check out some cool pics one after other.

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