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Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1st, 1926 in Los Angeles. Her mother, Gladys Monroe Baker, the girl named in honor of a popular actress when standards. At the age of two weeks, Norma has been given to a foster family, where he lived for 6 years.

Jun 19, 1942 Norma married Jim Doherty, then left school and settled it. One year after the wedding he was hired in the merchant navy, and Norma Jean went to work in the aviation factory. After a while she throws the plant to begin a career model. In late 1944, when Norma Jean has worked at the «Raday Plaine», there appeared an army photographer, who invited her to sit for 5 dollars an hour, and Norma Jean agreed. In August 1946, she received a promise to sign a contract to the studios «Twentieth Century Fox», where it took the lady. At the studio and gave her the name that she later became famous - Marilyn Monroe. Name Monroe belonged to her grandmother.

In October 1948, was released in movie rental «girl», created in the studios «Columbia Pictures». This was the first film in which Marilyn sang and talked.

Marilyn Monroe gets a contract with the seven-studio «XX Century Fox», and participation in the film «Asphalt Jungle» in the title role.

In January 1954, she married baseball star Joe Di Maggio.

This marriage lasted only 9 months.

In March 1954, Marilyn received the award «The most popular actress».

After the wedding of Di Maggio studio «XX Century Fox», invited her pull in the musical «There is no better business than show business».

In January 1955, Marilyn announced the formation of his own corporation «Marilyn Monroe Productions», in which she was president and owned a controlling stake.

Back in 1950, Marilyn met playwright Arthur Miller, but then they parted and met again in 1955. By the time he was divorced, and from the previous marriage he had two children. In summer 1956, they played the wedding. This marriage was the longest: they lived together for four and a half years and divorced 20 January, 1961.

In 1951, Marilyn met with John Kennedy, who later became president of the United States. There were rumors on the novel, as well as on the novel by Marilyn with his brother Robert Kennedy, which included Marilyn very well. All these rumors are not evidence.

Marilyn Monroe died in the night at 5 August 1962 in Brentvude (California) at the age of 36 years from a deadly dose of sleeping pills. There are five versions of the causes of her death: murder committed by special services on the orders of the Kennedy brothers to avoid disclosure of their sexual relationship; murder committed by a mob; drug overdose; suicide;
Tragic mistake analyst Ralph actress Grinsona prescribed patients take hloralgidrat shortly after receiving her nembutala. What was the true cause is unknown so far :(

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