Best And Worst Celebrity Scandals Of 2008

Celebrities don’t always shine for their good deeds. Like every coin has two sides, every celebrity is cursed with a destiny that’s a mix of fame and scandals. There are a few exceptions, but then again, what’s a celebrity without some gray shades of scandals on his collar?! In fact, it’s the scandals that decide the luminosity of these shining stars. Each year we get to see a long list of celebrity scandals and 2008 was no different. From ugly divorce settlements to racy sex tapes and mysterious deaths to willful acts of self-destruction, 2008 was a year full of celebrity chaos. Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst celebrity scandals of 2008.

Britney Spears gets arrested and hospitalized : Carrying forward her ill-fate from last year, Britney began her new year on a tragic note by getting arrested after refusing to hand over the custody of her sons to Kevin Federline. And, sadly, marking the beginning of a year full of emotional turmoils.

Madonna-Guy Ritchie divorce : The spark that was ignited by Madge’s closeness to A-Rod has finally turned into a big fire. Ultimately, Madge and Guy decided to honor the rumors of their creaking marriage by announcing their decision to divorce.

Amy Winehouse gets foggy in her “crack” video : Giving a brief hint of her agenda for 2008, Wino babe gets into a mess because of her now infamous ‘crack’ video. She would eventually grab five Grammy Awards but not without transforming into a complete mess.

Heath Ledger found dead in his apartment! : The ‘Joker’ says a final goodbye to his fans. The 28-year-old actor is found dead at his Lower Manhattan apartment, possibly of a drug-overdose, leaving behind his 3-year old daughter Matilda Rose with ex-girlfriend Michelle Williams. And, of course, some problems for Mary-Kate Olsen.

Jolie admits falling for Brad while he was still married! : As if the ongoing situation was not bad enough, Jolie oiled the Brangelina-Jen feud in an interview to The New York Times, saying that she and Brad were struck by Cupid’s arrow during the filming of Mr And Mrs Smith. Aah! Poor Jen.

Mel B spices up Eddie with a DNA test (over the paternity of her daughter) : Eddie Murphy gets cornered by Mel B to undergo a DNA test to decide the paternity of her daughter. And yes, Mel B would eventually win the fight by a TKO!

LiLo and SamRo open up about their lesbo affair via liplock! : Giving a break to her routine wackiness for a while, Lilo decides to climb a step higher by coming out in the open about her lesbian affair with DJ Samantha Ronson. A steamy snap of the smooching couple is seen on SamRo’s MySpace blog.

Sienna Miller hooks Balthazar Getty : First sparks of the Sienna-Balthazar romance is experienced in the rumor world, forcing Balthazar’s wife to leave his house with their four kids. The result? Well, the romance turned out to be true but the affair is still an on/off phenomenon!

Anne Hathaway splits with beau Raffaello Follieri : Anne Hathaway finally decides to move away from beau Raffaello Follieri after the latter was sued by a former business associate for bouncing a $215,000 check. The business scandal acted as the final nail on Follieri’s coffin.

Miley Cyrus does it again! : The year 2008 definitely belonged to the Disney girls. After Vanessa Hudgens, it was Miley Cyrus’ turn to show her talent at shedding her clothes. In fact, the Hannah Montana star proved more talented by appending her maiden raunchy act with a quick sequel!

Christiane Plante confesses her hot affair with Hulk Hogan! : It was a bad bad year for the Hogan family. Apart from his feud with wife Linda Bollea, the Hulkster even had to deal with the unfortunate driving incident, involving his son. But the real pile-driver is still the confession made by Christiane Plante, 36, who was a close friend of his daughter Brooke. Plante shocked everyone by claiming that she had slept with the Hulk!

Heather Mills stuns sir Paul (and us mortals!) with her nude act! : So what if it comes nine years late? For Heather Mills it was the most perfectly-timed act of her life. A freshly-divorced Mills unwraps a set of nude pics, originally shot in 1999, to land the final blow on Sir Paul’s head.

Power struggle in ‘Playboy’ land : Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Empire experienced its own bittersweet round of scandalous happenings as the trio of Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt tested each other to claim the top position. However, the current scenario is for everybody to see.

Audrina Patridge topless pics appear on the net! : The Hills star Audrina Patridge got her share of publicity when topless pics of her started making rounds of the WWW.

Verne Troyer sex tape! : Thanks to his treacherous girlfriend, even the two-footer Verne Troyer had his share of scandalous publicity this year. However, the midget was unable to handle it in large proportions so he decided to file legal proceedings against TMZ and claim $20M for damages. Now, that’s what I call hitting two birds with a single stone!

Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy drama : Britney was the undisputed scandal-queen for 2008, her younger sis Jamie Lynn was not far behind in the race. She stunned everyone by going preggers at 16. However, proving that she is a bit saner than Britney, Jamie Lynn announced that she would hand over the baby to Mama Spears after birth. Great! That’s what I call a responsible girl!

Oh, J-esus! Simpson does it again! : O.J.Simpson had it for the second time when he was found guilty on all twelve felony counts for armed robbery and kidnapping in a Las Vegas hotel room. This comes on the 13th anniversary of another case in which he was charged with the murder of his wife and her boyfriend and later acquitted. Whoa! Did someone just curse the dreaded number 13?!

Mischa gets busted for drugs possession : Beautiful actress Mischa Barton displayed her ugly side to her fans when she was charged with DUI and possession of marijuana.

Kylie Minogue readies to turn lesbian! : One thing that Kylie Minogue has seriously followed up all through the 2008 is her appraisal of lesbianism. Having earned the second position in the list of gay-icons by an internet-based poll of 3000 gay men, I thought she would go official with her plan by the end of this year. Anyway, there’s still no confirmation from her side but I’m a true believer. It’s still one more day to go!

Wesley Snipes gets 3-years for tax evasion! : Wesley Snipes might be the sharpest blade in Hollywood but the Justice Department’s Tax Division and Internal Revenue Service proved more sharper. Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison for failing to file tax returns from the year 1999 to 2004. At last, a scandal for a noble cause!

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