Amazing Sculpture By The Sea !

The Sculpture by the Sea coastal exhibition at Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Australia. The annual exhibition features 62 sculptures on the beach this year...

A Crab In The Works by Gordan Mitchell.

Unplugged by Robin Yakinthou.

Some sculptures incorporate the natural features of Cottesloe beach.

Up close view of Cube Stack by Jennifer Cochrane.

A young girl runs up to the Lifesavers sculpture by Denis Pepper.

Lifesavers by Denis Pepper.

Two swimmers swim past Spheres by Sophie Hoppe.

Parabola by Philip Spelman.

A young child is photographed with Line In The Sand by John Hutchinson.

Bathers sit around Balancing The Books by Stephen King

Development by Daniel Clemmett.

Bathers sit amongst Hollow Promise - Cottesloe by Gary Deirmendjian

Hollow Promise - Cottesloe stands out against the horizon.

Hollow Promise - Cottesloe as seen from above.

Antipodean recruits by Len Zuks.

Members of the public admire Impact - Cubes (300) by Mauris Raudzins and Together Series by Ron Gomboc ..

Check out some more weird sculpture HERE where I have posted few days before .....

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Ian said...

Some of them truly are amazing.

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