Amazing Celebrity Miniaturizations

Liz Lomax, who calls herself "a three dimensional illustrator", creates figurines for record covers, magazines, billboards, adverts and just for fun of it ....the Rolling Stones....

Her work has included quirky caricatures of megastar musicians including Sting....

...Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller.

She has even made a mini Michael Jackson dangling a baby as well as a bling wearing 50 Cent.

Liz's works can take between one week and several months, depending on whether there is a deadline.

After sketching out a plan on paper she will set to work building up a wire and aluminium foil frame onto which will be layered sculpting clay, all the while referencing photographs of her subject.

Colour is then added to the sculpture using oil paint. "Her hair alone was so captivating and it reminded me that I had some brillo pads under the kitchen sink. I thought how perfect they'd be for her beehive, so I sculpted her."

Liz explains: "Most of my ideas come from watching people in the news and current events. There'll be that one person or situation that will jump out and I can see the whole thing sculpted in my head"

The nimble-fingered creative also makes incredible wedding cake toppers which feature mini depictions of the happy couple.

New Yorker Liz's souvenir scrapbook includes pictures of her with Ringo Starr....

..Paul Weller....

...and Roger Daltrey .

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