Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

Christmas is a festival of love and thanksgiving. We should not just love and thanks god in heaven but there are many people in this world. Sometimes people around us help us throughout our life. We do not realize this and forget to thank them. Often, these helpers are the women around us. This woman can be your mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister and so on.

Christmas is the perfect time when you can thank them through gifts. You can buy them a useful gift and make theirs and your Christmas special. The gift should communicate your feelings and emotions for that person. You must add some personal touch to the gift because these women help you make you life easy and more than that meaningful.

After your mother, your wife takes equal care for you. Her gift has to be extraordinary. Buy her a kitchen appliance that will help her in her housework. An ornament is also a good idea. A candle light dinner will refresh your love bond that people often forget after marriage.

1. Pandora Jewelry

If your mom, wife, girlfriend, or female friend is into fashion or are fond of wearing special jewelry accessories, the top choice of Christmas gifts for her would be jewelry like Pandora jewelry. It doesn't have to be too expensive, but its distinctive style has made itself stand out. If you think it too simple to pick up one, you could combine several pieces of them, and they will surely appreciate your thoughtful heart.

2. UGG Boots

The rumor has it that "Ug" was slang for "ugly", and the extra "g" was added later. There was argument about the appearance of UGG, but it now represents comfortable, casual, and trendy sheepskin boots. Its popularity has made it become top selling Christmas gifts every time Christmas comes.

The softness of the Australia sheepskin produces a snug, cozy and form-fitting feeling. Having been made in Australia for over 200 years, UGG boots have developed into different styles, sizes and colors. As comfortable as bedroom slippers, UGG boots can be and are ususally worn outdoors.

It is needless to say UGG is one of the best Christmas gifts 2010 in cold winter. UGG boots can give us a casual style paired with T-shirts, jeans or sportswear. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton also like wearing UGG.
3. GHD Hair Straighteners

Hair style plays an important role in promoting personal beauty. Hair straighteners have long become essential fashion accessories especially for women. GHD hair straightener which enjoys a high reputation is favored by lots of women celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. Plus, we could use GHD with peace of mind since there is a built-in sleep mode which means that it automatically turns off when left unattended for 30 minutes.

4. Tiffany Jewelry

Associated with incomparable elegance, Tiffany jewelry is well known for its sophisticated design and superb quality. For your mom, wife, girlfriend, or female friend, the sterling silver jewelry may be the best Christmas gifts. Tiffany jewelry has fascinated lots of women with its spellbound beauty. For Christmas 2010, wearing a cross necklace is perhaps endowed with its special meaning. It definitely ranks top among Christmas gifts.

5. Teddy Bears

Gift stuffed & soft toys to people & express your immense love & care for them.

6. 3D Crystal Sculpture - A Totally Unique & Sentimental Gift She’ll Always Treasure

A great idea for a sentimental gift is a laser etched 3D Crystal Sculpture made from one of your own photographs. That’s right, a 2D photo becomes 3 Dimensional!

The possibilities are virtually endless for something like this. You could select a romantic photo of the two of you, a picture of her with her children, her pets, a favorite vacation photo, a favorite Christmas photo and on and on. And because it’s made from crystal it will last forever and it will look good practically anywhere; on her dresser, her night stand, the mantel, her office desk. Plus it’s something totally unique and unexpected which will not only thrill her, but the Crystal Sculpture will also become a great conversation piece for guests. Unless she just doesn’t like sentimental gifts, you will not go wrong with this gift.

And the process for having your Crsytal Sculpture created is very simple. There’s just 3 easy steps; 1 - select your crystal, 2 - upload your photo, 3 - place your order.

7. Music Box Gifts

Thomas Kinkade "Garden Of Prayer" Musical Prayer Box – This beautiful porcelain music box displays Thomas Kinkade’s “Garden of Prayer” artwork and is accented with 22K gold. A private compartment inside the box holds your heartfelt prayers, and a quotation from the Bible appears beneath the lid in gleaming golden script. It plays the melody “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

8. Electronics Gift Ideas

Usually, the first thing to greet us in the morning is an alarm clock — not always a pleasant experience. But there is an alarm clock that makes waking up a pleasant experience. The Peaceful Progression Aromatherapy and Nature Sounds Wake-Up Alarm Clock is my kind of alarm clock. Thirty minutes before time to get up the process begins: a soft light glows, a faint aroma is released. Fifteen minutes later, nature sounds begin playing; there are 6 to choose from. Thirty minutes later a beeper sounds to assure you are awake. It can also be set for sound or beeper only. Now that’s a great way to start the day.

9. Cameras for the Woman

I never saw a woman who didn’t like to save memories. That is easy with The Simple Digital Camera. The 3/8″-high buttons and simplified menus make for easy straightforward operation. The camera has an 8X digital zoom, and anti-shake function that enable effortless composing of shots. The images can be uploaded to a computer via USB. For Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Mac. Problem solved—simple operation and memories saved.

10. The Genuine Turkish Bathrobe

In fine hotels everywhere, one of the amenities they provide their guests is the luxury of using The Genuine Turkish Bathrobe. You can do the same for your special lady. She’ll feel like she’s living in the lap of luxury at a 5 star hotel. The more it’s washed, the softer it gets. Another choice is The Turkish Shower Wrap. It’s also a lovely gift idea, made of the same high quality as the Turkish robes. It doesn’t come loose and fall off easily as many bath wraps do. It fastens in place and even has two pouch pockets.

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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

It's that time of year once again where men all across America are biting their nails wondering what they're going to get for Christmas from their wives or girlfriends. A tie? New socks? Pots and pans? A jar filled with air? God only knows.

This year, make sure your woman gives you a gift that you can actually use, and let her know that just because you're a man, doesn't mean that you're going to jump up and down at the sight of a new cordless drill.

There is no such thing as the "perfect" gift. Every man is different, with unique tastes and preferences. A carpenter might prefer a new set of tools, a working professional might appreciate a new stylish wallet, while an outdoorsman might rejoice at a three-day getaway. The important thing is that your woman's gift demonstrates that she actually put some thought into it -- according to your hobbies and interests (minus the porn).

Here are some gift ideas your woman should be considering. Now if only you can find a way to discreetly slip her this list :

Experience Days

Experience days offer a choice of fun activities for the man to do that he might not already do in his day to day life like kart racing, paragliding, skydiving, taking a spin in a Ferrari for example, or for the less adrenaline inclined man there are activities like golfing and horse riding. There are also get away days like hotel breaks. Any of these gifts can last from one afternoon or evening to a couple days. There is something to fit all budgets and this type of present is one that is guaranteed to be appreciated.


For Who? A nice fragrance is ideal in any type of relationship. Cologne is just as appreciated on the first Christmas together as it is on the fiftieth. The gift of a great scent is a good sign that she wants to turn you into an irresistible man and rip off your clothes because she can't resist inhaling your sexual scent. That, or you just smell bad.

Sports / Concert Tickets

For Who? For any man who's single, divorced, dating, young or old, enjoys sports, and loves to watch his favorite team live. Or, if you're not the sporting type, maybe she can excite you with concert tickets to your favorite rock band.


Men are known for loving their toys. Whether it’s high tech like the latest cameras, smart phones or laptops, or more novelty gadgets that you wouldn’t think existed until you know that it does, buying a gadget that a man can utilise in his day to day activities, or otherwise have fun with is a smart choice.

Palm Pilot

For Who? For the very busy businessman or professional who misses all his appointments, birthdays and anniversaries because he doesn't know how to stay organized. Be careful, because if you ask for this, she'll expect you to finally get organized and never miss an anniversary or her birthday. She can get it here.

Wallet / Cuff links

Men like to look smart but can be prone to forgetting about the finer details sometimes. Having a great looking wallet, rather than an old haggard one that is visibly falling to bits is one of them. So buying a great looking wallet is a great gift idea. To play it smart, ensure that it has room for storing at least 8 cards as with bank cards, credit cards and store cards, anything less just may not be enough. Cufflinks are also a small but finer detail accessory for a shirt and make a great gift. If you are looking for a more personal o intimate gift you could get him a shaver, some trendy body shaping underwear or a watch.


For Who: For those of you who know how to do everything except dress yourself in style. Your woman is always aware of the current fashion trends and she always knows what would look good on you. As long as it's not another tie, smile; you'll look good.


Turn on the TV and there is going to be at least one advert during the evening promoting a brand of aftershave. The fragrance market is huge. A man out socialising has to look sharp and smell great. You will give him a great gift that he will remember every time he puts some on with aftershave. If you know what types of aftershave he likes to wear, this will also help you to make a great choice for him of your own accord.


For Who? The bath robe is a great gift idea for those of you who love to walk around the house and relax on a Sunday morning in total luxury. Don't you want to be draped in total luxury just before she disrobes you to give you that well-deserved massage?

Video Games

At one point in time boys were supposed to grow out of these after their teenage years. But today, games have smashed through that age barrier, and are now even targeted at the whole family. No doubt if you do not own a console yourself, you will know someone that does and you will have noticed all the adverts on TV for various games. So if the lucky man is a gamer, try to find out what type of game he likes or even better what games he wants but doesn’t own yet!

N.B : With the great ideas above, you are hopefully now ready to dive in and shop for the perfect gift for the lucky man. If you are still unsure, then the next step is to have a look at Amazon, or continue looking around this site for more great Christmas gift ideas for men.

Note : If you're looking for some Ideal OR Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas Of 2010-11, then Check it out here :


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10 Ideal Christmas Gift Ideas 2010

Are you wondering what gifts to buy your family and friends this Christmas? Check out my top 10 Christmas gift ideas and hopefully the list will help you have a less stressful time thinking of what to buy this Xmas. These are the top 10 Xmas gifts for her or him, and for the children in your life.

I hope you enjoy the exciting gift ideas; I confidently have a wide range of perfect Christmas presents for every taste. In fact putting smiles on faces this Xmas has never been so easy. The buying can be as rewarding as the giving. From the softest, cuddliest teddy bear, to the grandest, engraved gold ring.

Idea 1 : A Watch

Buy a loved one a watch and slip a note inside with the gift, which reads "Time flies when I'm with you" or "Our hearts tick together". Shop around at some of the online jewellery stores and browse their large selection of watches.

Idea 2: A Gift Card

If you've looked all around and still can't find the perfect gift, consider a gift card. A great gift for the person that is truly impossible to shop for. I think a thoughtfully chosen gift card or voucher is a wonderful present, it shows the receiver that you want them to have something special that they can truly use.

Idea 3 : Take a Break

Go away for Christmas! The Christmas festive season is celebrated all over the world so why not enjoy your Xmas on a beach, or take a trip to some winter wonderland. Taking your loved one and kids away for Christmas is a wonderful gift to all the family.

Idea 4 : Jewelery

For a nice selection of jewellery for Christmas gift ideas browse around the Internet and compare prices. An old favourite is diamonds - diamonds are forever and make a wonderful Xmas gift, they are timeless and always in style.

Idea 5 : Digital Compact Camera

Canon's Digital IXUS cameras are the super models of the digital compact world; they look as good as they perform, and they are very popular. Build and image quality is top notch and the camera comes with lots of the latest must-have features.

Idea 6 : Silverlit PicooZ Helicopter

One of the hot toys to have this Christmas is the Picoo Z micro helicopter. This is one fun gift to receive on Xmas day, and it's not just a great present for the kids, Dad will also love it!

Idea 7 : A Personalised Gift

For something different why don't you buy a unique personalised gift with the persons name on? There is a huge range of quirky, classy and romantic personalised gifts to choose from. From calendars, diaries, mugs, pictures, engraved gifts, photo gifts, and even champagne!

Idea 8 : Boards Games

Board games make great gifts at Christmas. Don't forget classic board games like Twister, Scrabble, Monopoly, Connect4, Game of Life, Articulate, and my favourite Pass the Pigs!

Idea 9 : A Charity Gift

A donation in the persons name to a charity that's important to them. A lot of organizations have cards that can be mailed when gift contributions are made. For example, you can 'Dedicate a Tree' in their name with the Woodland Trust. The donation on their behalf could well be appreciated more than another gift under the tree.

Idea 10 : Latest Gadget

The most popular items people will likely be wishing for are things like: Wii, PS3, Nintendo DS, iPod, iPod Nano, iPhone and things like that...people always go technological crazy at this time of the year. And finally if you're wondering what to buy me - my perfect Christmas gift is a Terry's Chocolate Orange! Yummy!

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Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas For Bizarre Readers !

Pay day's coming up, so here's some amazing crap to spaff all your cash on. Bravo!
Because everyone needs more things. Especially things that taste of bacon. Check out some of the unusual Christmas gifts which are specially contributed to the Bizarre Readers :) Hope you like it !!

Victim Ring : Sterling silver finger candy from one of Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx’s favourite ranges. Designed to leave an imprint reading ‘VICTIM’ in anything you punch….like wax letter seals, or fondant cupcake icing. Obv.

Price : $28.35 USD [ Approx ]

Source : Femmemetale

Word PadLock : A combination padlock that uses letter codes instead of hard-to-remember numbers. Great for holiday luggage, securing your clothes after you’ve changed at a fetish club, or for performers keeping cases of expensive costumes backstage. Hint: ‘F**K’, ‘C**K’, and ‘T*TS’ are way too easy to guess.

Price : $11 USD

Modern Penny Farthing : For added retro fun, simply remove the saddle.

Price : $787 USD

Cuff links : As recommended by Bizarre’s resident Aped Crusader, Here "F" means F**K & "ME" means of course you :)

Price : $23.67 USD

Nerdy T-Shirts : Le geek, c’est chic.

Price : $31.48 USD

Source : MoreTvicar

QR Code Temporary Tattoos : Mark yourself as someone’s property or encode data onto your skin with these tatts. The QR encrypted designs can be scanned with a camera phone to reveal a customised website address, phone number, or short message.

Price : $3.11 USD for Six

Source : Barcodeart

Coffin Wedding Ring Case : Getting divorced? Closing the lid on a dead marriage? Bury your ring in this titchy casket. Shame they don’t make bigger ones for your ex-spouse’s decapitated head.

Price : $30.77 USD

Bacon Envelop : Send letters sealed with a meaty kiss – the lickable adhesive on these envelopes tastes just like a crispy rasher of piggy-wig.

Price : $7.18 USD for 25 Pieces

Source : BaconSalt

Note : Leave us some of your Ideas too via comments we will try to include it in this article to make it a completely crappy gifts .


Top 10 Scariest Science Experiements Ever

While science has the power to improve our lives and cure disease, it can also be used to torture, murder, and brainwash. Here are 10 most scary experiments that destroyed lives, or have the potential to unleash doomsday.

1. Pit of Despair : Psychologist Harry Harlow induced clinical depression in monkeys by taking young macaques that had bonded with their mother, and placing them in complete isolation, in a darkened cage, for up to ten weeks. Within a few days they became psychotic, and most could not be treated.

Source : American Journal of Psychiatry

2. Russians Re-Attaching Dog Heads : This infamous propaganda film from 1940 shows Soviet Dr Sergei S. Bryukhonenko removing the head of dogs, and keeping them alive on a heart-lung machine. While possibly a Soviet fake, it produced a major stir in the west.

Source : Time Magazine

3. A human brain - trapped in a mouse! : Researchers at the Salk Institute in La Jolla discovered how to grow human brain cells by injecting embryonic stem cells into fetal mice. This combines the twin horrors of stem cells and transgenic research to give us either supersmart squirmy mice babies, or people with rodent brains.

4. Stanford Prisoner Experiment : Philip Zimbardo's Stanford prisoner experiment took place in the 1970s. The psychiatrist took 24 undergraduates and assigned them roles as either prisoners or guards, in a mock prison on campus. After just a few days, 1/3 of the guards exhibited sadistic tendencies, two prisoners had to be removed early due to emotional trauma, and the whole experiment only lasted six of the planned 14 days. It showed just how easily normal individuals can become abusive, in situations where it is encouraged.

5. Implantable Identity Code : The first RFID implant in a human was in 1998, and since then it's been an easy option for people wanting to be a little bit cyborg. Now companies, prisons, and hospitals have FDA approval to implant them into individuals, in order to track where people are going. A Mexican attorney general got 18 of his staff members chipped to control who had access to documents. The prospect of a business forcing its employees to receive an implant of any type is creepy and totalitarian.

Source : SpyChips

6. Stimocever : José Delgado, a Professor at Yale, invented the Stimocever, a radio implanted in the brain to control behavior. Most dramatically, he demonstrated its effectiveness by stopping a charging bull with the implant. Except this thing could control peoples actions. In one case, the implant caused erotic stimulation for a woman, who stopped looking after herself and lost some motor functions after using the stimulator. She even developed an ulcer on her finger from constantly adjusting the amplitude dial.

Source : Pain journal

7. The Demon Core : During experiments with a sphere of plutonium nicknamed the "demon core" at Los Alamos laboratory, scientist Louis Slotin died when a screwdriver slipped and the sphere went supercritical. After the room grew hot and was suffused in a 'blue glow,' he saved the lives of seven other people, but died from severe radiation exposure.

8. Evolving Robots : Take a bunch of cute, round robots, give them a generation lifespan two minutes, and after a few hundred generations, they evolve to cooperate, find food, and avoid pitfalls. These robots can evolve communication and intelligence, to some degree. Incredibly short lived, with the ability to evolve greater intellect. Just wait till they break out of the lab.

9. Time Machine : Physicist Ronald Mallett's work is based on using a ring laser to create closed timelike curves, which may allow time travel. Possibly you would only be able to travel back in time to the point when the device was turned on. What could go wrong?

10. Large Hadron Collider : The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), located in an underground facility in Switzerland, is the world's largest particle accelerator, designed to ram protons or lead nuclei into each other at ludicrous speeds. The LHC has suffered a series of delays, and is meant to be back online in November 2009. Physicists admit there is an infinitesimal chance that it will generate a black hole that could destroy the Earth - or possibly another kind of anomaly that would eat the universe. Two scientists have even put forth the theory that the LHC is sabotaging itself from the future, to prevent us unearthing the elusive Higgs Boson particle; others have sued in the hope that they can shut down the LHC before it destroys the world.

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Sarah Palin Offered $2 Million For Adult Role

The adult industry in the US isn’t waiting to find out whether or not Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin makes it to the White House next month or not. They’re cashing in on her popularity and good-looks right away.

There are already several ‘Sarah Palin’ X-rated videos waiting to be released, hundreds of fake nude images are cluttering the internet and there’s even a realistic VP blowup doll for her fans!

We’ve got a collection of behind-the-scenes images from the much-anticipated Hustler flick Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? where the Governor finally grabs some foreign policy experience with neighbors from across the Pacific.

This time the Russians really are coming :)

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