Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

Christmas is a festival of love and thanksgiving. We should not just love and thanks god in heaven but there are many people in this world. Sometimes people around us help us throughout our life. We do not realize this and forget to thank them. Often, these helpers are the women around us. This woman can be your mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister and so on.

Christmas is the perfect time when you can thank them through gifts. You can buy them a useful gift and make theirs and your Christmas special. The gift should communicate your feelings and emotions for that person. You must add some personal touch to the gift because these women help you make you life easy and more than that meaningful.

After your mother, your wife takes equal care for you. Her gift has to be extraordinary. Buy her a kitchen appliance that will help her in her housework. An ornament is also a good idea. A candle light dinner will refresh your love bond that people often forget after marriage.

1. Pandora Jewelry

If your mom, wife, girlfriend, or female friend is into fashion or are fond of wearing special jewelry accessories, the top choice of Christmas gifts for her would be jewelry like Pandora jewelry. It doesn't have to be too expensive, but its distinctive style has made itself stand out. If you think it too simple to pick up one, you could combine several pieces of them, and they will surely appreciate your thoughtful heart.

2. UGG Boots

The rumor has it that "Ug" was slang for "ugly", and the extra "g" was added later. There was argument about the appearance of UGG, but it now represents comfortable, casual, and trendy sheepskin boots. Its popularity has made it become top selling Christmas gifts every time Christmas comes.

The softness of the Australia sheepskin produces a snug, cozy and form-fitting feeling. Having been made in Australia for over 200 years, UGG boots have developed into different styles, sizes and colors. As comfortable as bedroom slippers, UGG boots can be and are ususally worn outdoors.

It is needless to say UGG is one of the best Christmas gifts 2010 in cold winter. UGG boots can give us a casual style paired with T-shirts, jeans or sportswear. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton also like wearing UGG.
3. GHD Hair Straighteners

Hair style plays an important role in promoting personal beauty. Hair straighteners have long become essential fashion accessories especially for women. GHD hair straightener which enjoys a high reputation is favored by lots of women celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. Plus, we could use GHD with peace of mind since there is a built-in sleep mode which means that it automatically turns off when left unattended for 30 minutes.

4. Tiffany Jewelry

Associated with incomparable elegance, Tiffany jewelry is well known for its sophisticated design and superb quality. For your mom, wife, girlfriend, or female friend, the sterling silver jewelry may be the best Christmas gifts. Tiffany jewelry has fascinated lots of women with its spellbound beauty. For Christmas 2010, wearing a cross necklace is perhaps endowed with its special meaning. It definitely ranks top among Christmas gifts.

5. Teddy Bears

Gift stuffed & soft toys to people & express your immense love & care for them.

6. 3D Crystal Sculpture - A Totally Unique & Sentimental Gift She’ll Always Treasure

A great idea for a sentimental gift is a laser etched 3D Crystal Sculpture made from one of your own photographs. That’s right, a 2D photo becomes 3 Dimensional!

The possibilities are virtually endless for something like this. You could select a romantic photo of the two of you, a picture of her with her children, her pets, a favorite vacation photo, a favorite Christmas photo and on and on. And because it’s made from crystal it will last forever and it will look good practically anywhere; on her dresser, her night stand, the mantel, her office desk. Plus it’s something totally unique and unexpected which will not only thrill her, but the Crystal Sculpture will also become a great conversation piece for guests. Unless she just doesn’t like sentimental gifts, you will not go wrong with this gift.

And the process for having your Crsytal Sculpture created is very simple. There’s just 3 easy steps; 1 - select your crystal, 2 - upload your photo, 3 - place your order.

7. Music Box Gifts

Thomas Kinkade "Garden Of Prayer" Musical Prayer Box – This beautiful porcelain music box displays Thomas Kinkade’s “Garden of Prayer” artwork and is accented with 22K gold. A private compartment inside the box holds your heartfelt prayers, and a quotation from the Bible appears beneath the lid in gleaming golden script. It plays the melody “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

8. Electronics Gift Ideas

Usually, the first thing to greet us in the morning is an alarm clock — not always a pleasant experience. But there is an alarm clock that makes waking up a pleasant experience. The Peaceful Progression Aromatherapy and Nature Sounds Wake-Up Alarm Clock is my kind of alarm clock. Thirty minutes before time to get up the process begins: a soft light glows, a faint aroma is released. Fifteen minutes later, nature sounds begin playing; there are 6 to choose from. Thirty minutes later a beeper sounds to assure you are awake. It can also be set for sound or beeper only. Now that’s a great way to start the day.

9. Cameras for the Woman

I never saw a woman who didn’t like to save memories. That is easy with The Simple Digital Camera. The 3/8″-high buttons and simplified menus make for easy straightforward operation. The camera has an 8X digital zoom, and anti-shake function that enable effortless composing of shots. The images can be uploaded to a computer via USB. For Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Mac. Problem solved—simple operation and memories saved.

10. The Genuine Turkish Bathrobe

In fine hotels everywhere, one of the amenities they provide their guests is the luxury of using The Genuine Turkish Bathrobe. You can do the same for your special lady. She’ll feel like she’s living in the lap of luxury at a 5 star hotel. The more it’s washed, the softer it gets. Another choice is The Turkish Shower Wrap. It’s also a lovely gift idea, made of the same high quality as the Turkish robes. It doesn’t come loose and fall off easily as many bath wraps do. It fastens in place and even has two pouch pockets.

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