The 11 Month Old Giant

This bundle of blubber may only be 11 months old, but he is already the size of an eight-year-old.The giant baby tips the scales at a whopping 61lbs 12oz (28kg) and stands four and a half stone larger than his older brother. Due to his hefty frame the toddler also has to wear huge nappies.

His mother, Milena Orosco de Agudelo, said her son started ballooning at just two months old.

The baby has had undergone a number of medical examinations which suggest he may have a problem with his endocrine system.

Ms Orosco said: 'He had some tests done and the results show that he has a thyroid malfunction.

'Then, he had a cardiogram test done and that test shows that he has the bones of an eight-year-old boy, but they have not told me where that came from.'

The normal weight for a boy his age is between 13lbs 4oz and 15lbs 7oz (6-7kg) and now baffled doctors in Colombia are trying to work out how he became so big.

Doctor David Dias, of the Barranquilla Pediatric Hospital, said: 'The baby will undergo more tests to see if he's obese or we're dealing with hyperthyroidism.'

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World's First Car - That Can Swim !

sQuba is the first real submersible car in the world that can swim like a fish underwater.

It can dive up into 32.8 feet below the surface of the water and can move at dignified 1.8 miles per hour.

sQuba is an electric car that uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and 3 electric motors for propulsion. It is a zero-emission car as documented by the rotating license plate in the rear. It produces no exhaust emissions.

The first car that could drive underwater was Quandt’s Amphibicar built in 1968 but only 3, 878 were produced and mostly are still being driven on roads.

Then, Gibbs Technologies came up with Gibbs Aquada in 2004 which it been used to break speed record for crossing the English Channel by Virgin boss, Richard Branson. However, the sQuba seems to be the most exciting car on this day.

To drive on the roads, the sQuba ‘relies on a stainless coil-over suspension from KW automotive and large Pirelli tires mounted on custom-made forged light-weight wheels from AEZ with 17- and 18-inch diameters.

In term of safety, the sQuba has open cockpit so that people can get out easily in cae of an emergency. The occupants of the car have to breathe compressed air through built-in scuba masks.

Technical data :


Length —– 3′785 mm
Width —– 1”940 mm
Height —– 1′117 mm
Wheelbase —– 2?300 mm
Track front —– 1?470 mm
Track rear —– 1?520 mm
Ground clearance —– 130 mm
Empty weight —– approx. 920kg


Top speed —– > 120 km/h
Acceleration 0-80 km/h —– 7.1 sec
Water speed —– > 6 km/h
Under water speed —– > 3 km/h
Dive depth —– 10 m


Street —– Electric
Power output —– max. 54 kW at 4′500 /min
Torque —– 160 NM at 1′500 /min
Water - Stern propellers —– Electric
Power output —– 2 x 800 W
Diving - bow jet drives —– Electric
Power output —– 2 x 3.6 kW Rotinor
Batteries —– Lithium-Ionen
Voltage —– 6 x 48 Volt


Power train —– Rear wheel drive
Gearbox —– R - N - F
Chassis —– Steel
Body panels —– Carbon Nano Tubes
Seating capacity —– 2
Front suspension —– Double wishbone
Rear suspension —– Double wishbone
Dampers/springs —– KW automotive
Steering —– Rack & pinion


Front tyres —– Pirelli P Zero 205/40 R17
Front wheels —– AEZ 7.5 x 17″
Rear tyres —– Pirelli P Zero 225/40 R18
Rear wheels —– AEZ 8 x 18″
Air supply —– 1 x 15 liter + 1 x 18 liter ScubaPro
Laser scanner —– Ibeo
Lubricants —– Motorex

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World's Most Bizzare Museum

This unique museum, built in the Netherlands is one in the world.

The World's first a spectacular experience around the human body.

CORPUS is a 'journey through the human body' during which the visitor can see, feel and hear how the human body works and what roles healthy food, healthy life and plenty of exercise plays.

CORPUS offers a variety of information and provides education and entertainment with this journey as well as a vast number of permanent and variable exhibitions.

CORPUS has been realised in a 35-meter high transparent building with the contours of the human body projecting from it. The eye-catching building is situated along the A44 highway between Amsterdam and The Hague.

Questions as 'Why do I have to sleep?', 'what happens when I sneeze', 'how does my hair grow' are answered in CORPUS by means of tangible, visible and audible conceptions during the 'journey through the human body'.

CORPUS uses the latest technology in the field of imagery, sound and 3D effects to present and explain all aspects of the medical aspects of the human body.

Here you will find all sorts of information about the human body and CORPUS!
Childeren from 8 years and older are welcome to visit CORPUS.

CORPUS provides a number of congress, meeting and exposition facilities. The large conference hall will have a capacity of approximately 540 people. There is also the option to divide the conference hall in a smaller hall and 4 breakout rooms.

CORPUS 'journey through the human body:

The attraction of the human body (about 55 minutes)
8 languages audio tour
Medical information center (about 1 hour)
Entrance EUR 16,50
Group discounts

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World's Most Amazing Champagne Fountain

In the Wijnegem Shopping Centre near Antwerpen, Belgium a group of activists is trying to hold a new record. The Champagne Fountain will consist of 43 000 glasses, will be almost 23 feet high and will weigh about 9 tons.

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Sexy Israeli Girls In Bikini

Waoo ! Israeli girls are really sexy ... let's have some romance on the beach.

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