World's Most Courageous Swimming Girl

When I saw this oustanding courageous girl is a great swimmer, then lost my words.


notmyrealname said...

Wow, that is truly amazing! Hats off!

Unknown said...

Wow, that is absolutely amazing. bless her heart!


Cesar said...

truly amazing! hats off!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing it's sad tgat she doeant have her arm and legs. But that will make her a stronger person. Cause most ppl with arm and legs are shallow, evil, cruel, thick headed, and think about making fun of someone with disabilities and withost knowing the reason y they they are the way they are... and she's doing more Then most ppl with arms and legs. I just wanted to say to that little girl keep your head up u are special and big hearted brave and we need more ppl in this world like u i am very proud of u

pranitha said...

i love ur courage and ur outstanding self confidence.may god bless u to have a beautiful life darling...... love u sweet girl

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