World's Most Scary Prison

Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, is a medium-security prison for men in Atlanta, Georgia. For many years it has been a notorious part of the U.S. federal prison system. It also has a detention center for pre-trial and holdover inmates and a camp for minimum security male inmates. It was primarily used as a detention center for Cuban refugees from the Mariel Boatlift who were ineligible for release into American society. The prison is located in southeast Atlanta at the junction of Boulevard and McDonough Boulevard. Its population as of July 6, 2006 is 1909 in the penitentiary and 554 in the camp.


There's an abandoned prison farm in SE Atlanta, hidden in the woods and completely covered by kudzu.

Buildings are so overgrown that they are deeply hidden in trees.
According to Atlanta's "History of the Dept of Corrections" page, the prison farm was operated from 1945 to 1995.

There are rumors of the 290 acres being converted into a park soon. Increased patrols are also occurring so don't park next to the road.

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vallunito said...

how do you get here..?? i live in kennesaw

Anonymous said...

I pulled it up on Google Earth and judging by their pictures, it's been torn down and rebuilt. If you look closely, you can see outlines from the old foundations in places. Very neat post! It would have been fun to have gone into.

Anonymous said...

In the 6th photo down from the top (looks like a desk and a large light hanging over it) I see a women figure looking at the window. In the left corner by a triangle shape pipe or wires, I see a face of a man. Was this intentional, although the face seems fuzzy the women by the window is clear as day. Was this planned as a scare tactic?

Shadowhunter556 said...

holy crap i see the girl but the man i do not see the man

nvsx said...

These ghost hunters go that prison at night...



(:smile:) said...

i also see the woman with white dress...but the man? i just see somekind of shadow but i dun think it's a face>,<
hmm.. what's the red thing on the 12th photo from top?

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