Best Compilation Of Banned And Rejected Ads

Better than the beer to check out this odd looking woman with three breasts.

Kiss Tobacco - Israel - Banned as it contains "obscenity and ressemblance of human beings"

Paddy Power - Ireland - Banned as "the betting odds referred to each woman's chances of either being knocked down by the truck were offensive and demeaned older people" .

Energizer - Chile - Rejected by the client.

NO2ID - UK - Most Complained as "the barcode on Tony Blair's upper lip made him resemble Hitler, which was offensive" .

Killer Heels by NMA - UK - Banned as it "trivialised and stylised violence".

Gucci - UK - Banned commercial.

Six Feet Under TV Series - UK - Banned as they were "offensive, shocking and likely to cause undue distress".

Russian Finance Magazine - RUSSIA - Banned for being "immoral" .

Towers Anti-Smoking Campaign - CHINA - Rejected as "inappropriate" .

The Breast Cancer Fund - USA - Rejected by advertising spaces run by Viacom "over fears that its depiction of mastectomy scars would prove to be too shocking to the public" .

The Rules of Attraction (movie) - USA - Banned as "the copulating toys were considered offensive and obscene".

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Top 10 Weirdest Dresses Ever

Condom Dress : Created by Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini, they are made of thousands of quality-control-rejected condoms. These colorful clothes were shown at the "Dress Up Against AIDS: Condom Couture," an exhibition at UCLA’s Fowler Museum.

Hamburger Dress : Created by artist Joy Kampia, who specializes in crocheted sculpture and wearable art.

Chocolate Dress : Designed by the famous spanish designer Paco Rabanne..

Cream Puff Dress :
Creates by Valentyn Shtefano, a Chef from Ukraine, made this dress from 1,500 cream puffs for his fiancee. It took two months, with the final product weighing in at 20 pounds.

Charmin Toilet Paper Dress : Katrina Chalifoux of Illinois created this toilet paper wedding dress for a competition sponsored by "Ripley’s Believe It or Not!"

Skittles Wrapper Dress : 15 hours and 101 Skittle wrappers after, Craftster user The perilous popsicle finished her Prom dress made entirely out of this candy wrappers.

Tent Dress : The "Ms. Homeland Security: Illegal Entry Dress Tent," by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao.

Natural Dress : Artist/fashion designer Robin Barcus creates unusual dresses from natural ingredients: lily pad, dandelion, corn husk, pinecones and more.

Sexiest Wedding Dress : This is the World's most sexiest wedding dress ever where no one can give such a sexy look Huh?

Sexiest Fan Dress : Created by the man Aka
The Fans itself aka.

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Obama For Maniacs

Around the world, savvy entrepreneurs are saying "yes we can" to having the audacity to cash in on Barack Obama's name in the hope of making a lot of money
Tee shirts celebrating the victory of President-elect Barack Obama are offered for sale at a shop on Michigan Avenue, Chicago
He is in the Playing cards too...

He is in Posters...

Ha ha.. he has paper doll doppelgangers...

He can provide the time...

... and protection. It seems there's no end to novel items aimed at a market of shoppers fuelled by November 5 optimism.

Obama-mania has taken the world by storm. In Athens, medallions displaying Obama in the likeness of Greek mythological hero Hercules can be found at tourist spots.

In Bosnia, clothing company Borac has started manufacturing Obama suits that are selling like hotcakes in the country and in neighbouring Croatia.

Africa hasn't seen such a commercial rush over a personality since Nelson Mandela. Traders are selling low quality Obama T-shirts and pirate VHS copies of his victory speech...

...and he has become an unlikely figurehead for Kenya's Ministry of Health.

Two towns called Obama, which means "small shore" in Japanese, are already promoting their names and selling T-shirts, chopsticks and traditional sweets.

In cyberspace, a Super Mario-style game entitled Super Obama World, depicts a pixelated president warding off enemies of the state...

...and a pornography peddler has put a $10,000 tag on the domain name...What !!! ?????

"There could be a huge Obama industry over the next four years. But it has to be remembered that while some people could make a lot of money, a lot of people won't," said Robert Churnley, a London-based American international marketing consultant.

Of course the man himself hasn't done too badly from his status as international phenomenon. His books, The Audacity of Hope and Dreams From My Father, top best-seller lists worldwide.

Why We Are Excited About Obama ? .. why Obama became mania for the people ?.. I really don't know, but am sure that people are taking advantages by selling their products in name of Obama.. plz stop it !!

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Why The Moustaches Are Popular In Leaders ?

Moustaches, once commonly associated with porn-stars and the seventies, are now a respectable addition to the well-groomed exterior of male A-Listers. Brad Pitt has recently been sporting his sprouted whiskers with pride, and he's not the only one.

Josh Hartnett has been carrying his wispy face fuzz to various clubs practically every night, since temporarily setting up shop in London.

Here Jude Law can be seen beaming from beneath a brush of bristles at celebrity events. But why have the men of Hollywood become the men of handlebars?

Throughout history, a moustache has said a lot about the man who sports it. It signifies power with its length and bushiness. Many say Stalin ruled Russia with an iron 'tache......

... it can reveal an unabashed, out-of-control creativity within its wearer. And grown the right way, a moustache can double as a paintbrush.

A moustache is a look that harks back to the golden age of Hollywood, where an uncompromising sophistication was implied by a face fungus that was always prepared to tickle a lip or two...

...and let's face it, a moustache just looks plain cool..

So, one can perhaps understand the facial hair revival in Tinsel Town. Where preened and perfect is the norm, the mild scruffiness of a bit of foliage can almost appear rebellious...

... or perhaps it suggests the early stages of a mid-life crisis.

This month is November where men are encouraged to let the razor gather dust in aid of a prostate cancer charity. So perhaps, all blokes should be taking some grooming advice from the likes of Johnny Depp just don't go overboard

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