Hospitalized Restaurant !

At the heart of Riga opened the restaurant not for the faint-hearted - in the «sick» style. The building looks like a medical facility - sign Hospitalis, nurses, waitresses, instead, a pharmacy instead of the bar, operating table instead of dinner.

The menu in the restaurant appropriate - called Sumasshedshee. Bonus to some dishes are straitjacket and feeding with a spoon. There is a restaurant in the analog business lunch - hospital menu with Latin names, which offer a book only to customers with strong nerves. Of course, there are the usual dishes. According to local newspaper journalists attending the opening, the restaurant can be tasty and varied lunch .


Harsh Agrawal said...

You kidding me?? Is it a hospital? :0 ...

this pic seems more like a bar!

i wonder what kind of patient visit this hospital!!

Victor S. Gomez said...

Hi friend
very good restaurant and nurses.
have good time.

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