Crazy Man With Crazier Faces

Forget masks, forget face-lifts, because an imaginative artist has found an even better way to change his face and he's doing it every day, for a year.

Michigan-born artist James Kuhn shows his many sides by painting on his face, with designs ranging from cartoon characters... fruit. It seems anything can influence him and anything can find its way onto his blank canvas of a mug.

He's created a zoo full of animals, including primates...

A crypt full of ghastly monsters...

And maniac faces by James Kuhn..

And pop culture conk-coverers, influenced by board games, bands...

But let's not forget the food. Kuhn's face has been a bucket of popcorn, a delicious ice cream...

A veggie shish and a wholesome TV tray.

And those American favourites, corn on the cob and the hamburger. Kuhn must love his food.

Having started his project in March, Kuhn is just over two-thirds of the way through. What will he think of next?

With each grotesque design being more bizarre than the last, Kuhn better hope that the wind doesn't change anytime soon.

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