Creativity At It's Best

Everyone has the power, courage, talent and guts within, to create a life they love, full of love, passion, prosperity and all good things we desire. The very core of our being shines with every creative venture. " Creativity brings to life what nothing else can. " - brenda johima -

Gulliver In New York City.

Be A Superstar..

Can you read the Bottom Row ? Doctor Said ..

Book of my dreams..

Eat your Heart out, Madonna !
Old Divas !

Go to learn Technical Institutes..

King kong got her new girl !..

Flying pugs Circus school ..

Return to Tschernobyl..

Receptionist at the Bermuda..

Like I always told you, Joe..

We all are Mother's little ..

Still life with the Gold..

I'am the one who calls the tune ..

Poodle look? Sure.. but it..

Future Cars..

This can only happen in my amazing Aquarium ..

Every single person, without exception, is creative. We all have talents and gifts beyond our wildest dreams. Creativity is an outpouring of the soul, an inherent gift in our humanness. Being connected to our creative self, results in a greater sense of well-being and purpose in our lives.

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Victor S. Gomez said...

incredibly beautiful images. kisses

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