The Circus Of Horrors

A blend of Rock, Horror and Mayhem. A Musical Extravaganza that shocks the senses and makes you feel invigorated, With a stage full of Bizarre Freaks, Burlesque Dancers and Amazing Acrobatic Gymnasts.

Aimed at anyone with a slightly warped sense of humor the show follows the story of Doktor Haze and his attempts to open his new raunchy shocking show 'Blood Thirsty Burlesque' but having been deceived into buying an occupied Asylum on the outskirts of Paris, The depraved immoral side of Doktor Haze soon emerges and takes control. Liberation for the in-patients soon looses its appeal and it’s only going to be a matter of time before the liberated turn against the Libertine.

When Circus of Horrors ringmaster Dr Haze told Bizarre he was taking his kooky crew to a field full of shirehorses with huge organs, we imagined he was planning some kind of hideous stunt involving Garry Stretch and several oversized pony knobs. Thankfully, he meant the old-fashioned, steam-powered musical organs displayed alongside vintage tractors, trains and trucks at The Great Dorset Steam Fair.

After choo-choo-chewing over several ideas, the doc of shock devised a new series of Victorian-style freak shows for the event, inviting guests to marvel at his monstrous mob, just as crowds gawped at carnival sideshows back in the age of the coal-fired engine.

Bizarre’s Alix Fox was tickled pink to attend… but ended up being pickled pink after the Circus’ Anast’Asia IV and Niki taught her to contort into a bottle just 2ft high and 18in wide.

Being a chatty sort, plenty of folk have told Foxy to can it – but no-one’s ever told her how to bottle it the way Niki does. “Pop your head in first, with your hands on the top of the jar for stability,” she tells Alix. “Then shuffle your bum as far back as it will go. Next, slide your back up the glass, lifting your butt cheeks off the ground so there’s enough room for you to cross each leg in. Finally, tuck your arms inside and pull the door shut.”

Amazingly, Foxy slides into the Perspex container as if she’s lubed with a vat of Vaseline – but as she congratulates herself on her natural genius, disaster strikes and her second leg gets stuck. Luckily, Anast’Asia IV – girlfriend of Hannibal Helmurto, who taught us how to swallow swords back in Bizarre 135 – rushes to her aid, folding Foxy’s toes like origami, forcing her foot home and locking the door. “I’m going to put a cloth over the jar to hide you until the audience are inside the tent,” she says. “Just a second…”

In Short : A mix of horror and humour, all blended with a kick-ass music score that’ll have you bellowing all the way to your coffin !

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