World's Top 10 Hottest Politicians

1. Mara Carfagna (Italy) :
Position: Member of Chamber of Deputies (Campania 2), Minister for Equal Opportunity
Party: The People of Freedom
Having ditched a career as a show girl on Italian TV, Mara is now what Monica Lewinsky could only dream of becoming: successful, relevant, and hot. With reports that her meteoric political rise was fueled by sexual favors to the prime minister, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi went on national TV and proclaimed that if he weren´t married, he would marry Mara in a heartbeat. Bravo !

2. Sarah Palin (U.S.A) :
Position: Governor of Alaska, GOP VP nominee
Party: Republican
After being crowned Miss Wasilla in 1984, Sarah Barracuda snatched up the mayoral seat 12 years later, garnering a groundswell of 616 votes. Looking to shake up his presidential campaign lure away Hillary supporters , McCain picked as his running mate the only person keeping our 49th state from being annexed by the Russians.

3. Ruby Dhalla (Canada) :
Position: Member of the Canadian House of Commons, Brampton–Springdale
Party: Liberal
Dhalla has been money in Parliament as a twice-elected member of the Liberals. So much so that the opposition tried to woo her to their side in order to court the all-important woman, immigrant, and horny-male vote.

4. Nicole Parra (U.S.A) :
Position: California State Assemblywoman (30th Assembly District)
Party: Democratic
Nicole has the looks to mask her ferocious bite. She recently gave her party the ol´ eff you after refusing to vote for a Democratic budget bill that screwed her hometown out of a better water supply. Her punishment? The assembly speaker has now moved her office out of the Capitol building.

5. Yulia Tymoshenko (Ukraine) :
Position: Prime Minister of Ukraine
Party: BYuT (Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc)
Yulia first broke onto the political scene in 1996, squeaking out a parliamentary seat with 92.3 percent of the vote. She then achieved Princess Leia hotness by braiding her hair and becoming prime minister. Rumors of a vacation home on Naboo are so far unsubstantiated.

6. Belinda Stronach (Canada) :
Position: Member of the Canadian House of Commons, Newmarket-Aurora
Party: Liberal
There´s a reason why her initials are B.S.: This lady takes none of it. Despite her business background, Belinda temporarily deferred her aspirations as CEO of Magna International to test the turbulent political waters. In 2005, she rocked Canadian politics by switching parties, then was allegedly embroiled in a scandalous affair with former Toronto Maple Leaf Tie Domi.

7. Mary Bono Mack (U.S.A) :
Position: Congresswoman, 45th District of California
Party: Republican
She´s been nothing less than a maverick in the House, voting with her party on economic and education issues and against it on issues of LGBT and stem cell research. Ah hell, we´re even willing to give her a pass for sticking with Sonny Bono despite the knowledge that he´d been in Cher for six years.

8. Gretchen Whitmer (U.S.A) :
Position: Michigan State Senate, 23rd District
Party: Democratic
If the Democrats hope to take Michigan in this year´s November election, they´d do well to enlist the services of the state´s finest legislator. She currently serves in four standing committees—Judiciary, Finance, Education, and Agriculture—and could very well add more as soon as we get our Leering Committee finalized.

9. Stephanie Herseth (U.S.A) :
Position: Congresswoman, South Dakota´s At-Large District
Party: Democratic
It can get cold and lonely in the fifth-least populated state in the Union, but keep your chin up South Dakotans, because your one—and only—voice in the House could set the roof on fire. Stephanie has been reppin´ the 605 since 2004, when she won a special election to grab office (and our hearts).

10. Segolene Royal (France) :
President of the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council
Party: Socialist
French President Nicolas Sarkozy may have one of the hottest wives in the world (oft-nude former model Carla Bruni), but he´d be better off switching parties for a woman who really knows how to impose her political will. Ségolène earned notoriety when she pushed Sarkozy to a runoff in the last election, garnering over 46 percent of the vote.

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