Walking With Dinosaurs After 65 Million Years !!

The prehistoric beasts are back as Walking With Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular gets ready to return home in 2011.

The crowds part to reveal the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, six tonne killer queen of the Cretaceous period.
Created in Australia in conjunction with the BBC documentary series, Walking With Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular has toured internationally since 2007.

The giant Tyrannosaurus Rex indulges in a little pre-dinner conversation with Sydney school children.
After playing to packed venues across the US for the past three years, the dinosaurs are set to return to home soil in 2011 to thrill Australian audiences once more.

The baby Tyrannosaurus Rex gives some the kids a sniff before bounding off to see monster mum.
The Australian tour is set to start in April 2011and takes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Newcastle.

At 12m long, the Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the largest terrestrial carnivores of all time, tipping the scales at about six tonnes.
The animatronic creatures used in the show were created by team at the Creature Production Company and are some of the largest free-moving models in the world.

Children from Randwick Public School in Sydney get up close and personal with the mother and baby Tyrannosaurus Rex.
The show features 20 life-sized dinosaurs ranging from human height to a Brachiosaurus, standing more than 10m tall.

The dinosaurs are the brainchild of designer Sonny Tilders.
Based out of Melbourne's docklands, he and his 50-strong team, worked tirelessly for 12 months to create the beasts that appear in the show.
The stage show cost $20 million to produce.

The giant Tyrannosaurus Rex lunges towards the unsuspecting photographer.
The creatures minor movements get their own "voodoo puppeteer" who operates the mouth and eyes and deals with the sounds effects.

The kids play nice as mother watches from above.
In the three years the show has been in the US it has put on 1097 performances, playing to 4.1 million people in 144 cities.

While Sonny Tilders does an interview we take a sneak peak inside the T-Rex's driver cockpit.
The model dinosaur is powered by 18 truck batteries, weighs in at two-and-a-half tonnes and is manoeuvred around the arena by a driver located below the creature's belly.

This is the effects keyboard used during the show to create the sounds for both the mother and baby Tyrannosaurus Rex.
A total of three operators are required to work the Tyrannosaurus Rex during the show. One drives, one controls the head and tail and the other handles mouth, eyes and sound effects.

The mother and baby Tyrannosaurus Rex let out a blood-curdling roar.
The show includes ten species of dinosaurs, spanning the 200 million-year reign of these "terrible lizards".

Creature design engineer Trevor Tighe inspects the jaws of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
The T-Rex gets its realistic look by having air-bags that inflate under the skin. Body movement is controlled by 20 hydraulic and 10 electric motors.

School children look up as the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex moves towards them.
It takes 33 semi-trailers to move the show from town to town and it employs 65 staff when on the road.

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