5 Most Interesting Tricks You Ever Thought !

Remove Scratches from CDs and DVDs : We’ve all got many precious discs that have been ruined by careless handling, regular damage while using or by the pet dog’s mauling.
Use these cool pointers to get some of them working again :

1. Clean the surface of the disc by running water (warm is better). You can even use soap or mild detergent to clean the grime. Always rub the disc from the center going out. Do not rub the disc in circular motion.

2. Let it dry in the air. This in itself may get it to work sometimes.

3. If that doesn’t work polish the CD using the inside of a banana peel, toothpaste or brasso. Again remember to gently rub from the center going outwards.

4. Once it gets going – the first thing to do is to quickly copy all data on to your PC – just in case it fails again.

How To Always Remember Names : Forgetting people’s names can prove extremely embarrassing and a complete disaster at time. Specially if it’s that pretty girl’s name you can’t recollect even though you got introduced five minutes ago (although that’s possibly because you were staring down her cleavage at that time).

The key to remembering names lies in association and repetition. Follow these two simple steps and you’ll never be in sticky situation again :

ASSOCIATION: Examine the person’s face discretely when you are introduced. Try to find an unusual feature, whether ears, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, lips or any other part (without going south again). Create an association between that characteristic, the face, and the name in your mind. The association may be to link the person with someone else you know with the same name. Alternatively it may be to associate a rhyme or image of the name with the person’s face or defining feature.

REPETITION: When you are introduced, ask for the person to repeat their name. Use the name frequently during the conversation. If it is unusual, ask how it is spelled or what it means.

Fold A Shirt In 2 Seconds : This one’s old but it never hurts to learn a technique that could potentially save you several hundred hours over a lifetime.

Keep Your Ties In Shape : Just as a smart straight tie can make an incredible impression – a worn out twisted one can ruin the situation.
Here are some simple tips to keep your ties in great shape :

Untying: This is possibly the most common mistake made. While this is the easiest way to get your tie off – never pull the thin end through the knot as this completely ruins the shape of the tie. Always remove your ties by following the tie-tying steps in reverse.

Cleaning: If you stain your tie, take action quickly. Blot the stain with cold water as this prevents it from setting. Seltzer water or club soda works best. If you get any greasy materials on your tie , water won’t do. Get some talcum powder on your tie ASAP. The powder will absorb the grease. After a few hours, brush off the remaining residue and clean with a soft cloth.

Ironing: Ironing a tie presses down on its rolled edges and ruins its shape. Avoid it as much as you can. If you need to remove wrinkles use steam. Simply hanging your tie in the bathroom while you take a hot shower will usually do the trick. For more stubborn wrinkles, consider purchasing a hand held steamer.

Storage: Spend a little on a tie-rack now, and save money in the long run by making your ties last. When traveling, fold your ties into fours and place them in your coat pocket. That will help maintain your ties’ shape.

Seal Chips Without A Clip : Few things feel as disappointingly avoidable as finding a bag of potato chips or kurkure completely crisp-less the morning after a party. This handy clip, however, shows how you can put an air-tight seal on your crunchy comestibles without having to get up for a clip.

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