12 Meter Human Skeleton Found Near West India ?!

The giant skeleton was excavated in the little-known part of the desert in India.

The Giants appear in the legends of Australia, Belgium, Chad, Chile, China, Britain, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Laos, Morocco leather, the Netherlands, Nova Scotia, Pakistan, Patagonia, the Philippines, Poland, Rwanda, Russia , Scotland, Sicily, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales, Zanzibar.

The first message appeared on the Internet, reporting that the skeleton was found somewhere in the deserts of western India.

The Indian government raided the area of the Indian Army and did not allow anyone except a special National Geographic excavation team.

Indian mythology tells of giants, namely: Rakshasas ( Monster ), who reigned over the forests.

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Anonymous said...

ok thats kind of a scary thought and sight but idk if the second to last pic is real cuz if you look close at the corpses hand you can see what looks like a old revolver

Anonymous said...

It's sad that any fantastical truth about giants would be covered up by this photoshopped frauds. How can I hope to find any truth behind this story when all I can find are pictures of the same hoaxes? If there is any truth behind this it has long since been locked away.

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