Dragon Boy Gets Cured !

A LITTLE lad nicknamed Dragon Boy has finally been cured of a chronic skin condition which left his face covered in bumpy shell-like growths.
Muhammad Yunusov's eyes, nose and mouth and half of his scalp were previously invisible underneath the thick "horns".

For six years doctors in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan failed to find the cause of the alarming condition known as chronic granulomatous candidiasis.

'Dragon Boy'... lad was covered in horn-like growths

His parents were forced to hide him away, and placed a mask over his face, after he was taunted with names such as "dragon", "freak" and "Zorro".
Eventually, the youngster's desperate uncle took the boy to see the country's top skin specialist Professor Mir Ali Baltabaeva.

And incredibly Prof Baltabaeva took just 17 days to completely cure Muhammad.

It is understood the medic used a combination of medication and ointments to cure the condition — rather than surgery.

He said: "I learned about this unique young boy from his uncle, who came to the clinic with photographs of the child and complained that none of the doctors could diagnose him. He asked: 'Can you help my nephew?'

"The child was a terrible sight, so I ordered a separate ward for him."

Muhammad's mother burst into tears of joy when she saw he had been cured, he added.

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