Steady Government hope cheers Industry - Ghanshyam Sarda

Bengal Inc sounded buoyant on Monday evening as the fear of a hung Assembly was wiped out by the exit poll verdict. Industrialists seemed happy that none of the exit poll numbers predicted an unstable government for the next five years in the state, ensuring stability and the consequent growth.

Bengal Global Business Summit 2016 

A real estate player hopes that during her second tenure, Mamata Banerjee would be able to keep a check on the so-called syndicates, promoting fair competition in the industry.

Some of the industry captains were seen sitting together and watching the "dress rehearsal" of the 2016 Bengal election results at a city five-star hotel and analyzing the poll prediction.

Sudarshan Kumar Birla, chairman emeritus of Birla Group, was upbeat about the fact that the tradition of the stable Government in Bengal would continue. "Some people were apprehensive that whoever comes to power, it won't be a stable government. But looking at the exit poll results, it seems Mamata Banerjee will get an adequate majority to be able to push through appropriate schemes for the development of the state," he added.

Keventer Group chairman M K Jaan also asserted that only a stable government would help out Bengal. "I am happy. It seems that there will be a continuity in the government. With the kind of majority predicted. Mamata Banerjee will do well," he added.

Hemant Kanoria, Chairman of the LSE-Listed Srei Infrastructure, also agreed with Jalan and Biria. "Any government with stability is good for the state. During the Left Front regime, there used to be a stable government and the last one headed by Mamata Banerjee, too, was stable. We are fortunate that for the past 39 years, we never had a hung assembly and it seems that the tradition will continue." he added.

Ghanshyam Sarda with Mamata Banerjee at Bengal Global Business Summit

Echoing him, Sarda Group Chairman Ghanshyam Sarda said. "The exit poll verdict, based on historical data and current analysis, tends to generate a lot of excitement but the ultimate truth is that the results are locked away. It is difficult to always predict the result accurately. I feel this particular election is very crucial for the people of Bengal for deciding the stability and future."

Sajjan Bhajanka, chairman of the Century Plyboards and Quality Tea Plantations chairman BK Dalmia added that along with a clear majority, the opposition brigade, too, would be quite a strong this time. "which would be good for democracy".

An Industrialists, on condition of anonymity,  expressed hope that after coming to the power, industry and the business would be on the priority list of the new Mamata Banerjee government. "In the first term, her focus was to consolidate rural vote bank and so, the industry was put on the back burner. This, despite mega shows, such as Bengal Global Business Summit, and her Singapore trip. But this time, she has to focus on industry." he added.

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