Top Class Luxury In The Jungle !

Haven ... Malaysia's Cherating Beach Resort is located between pristine beachfront and unspoilt jungle.

Guests scattered as the raiders grabbed their bounty and disappeared back to the rooftops as quickly as they had arrived.

While the long-tailed macaques sat on the roof enjoying the spoils of their heist, our 18-month-old "monkey'' giggled at the flurry of activity and shovelled more steamed rice into her mouth.

While these cheeky critters sometimes pop by unannounced for breakfast, they're also renowned for opening unlocked doors and windows and rifling through bags looking for food.

Monkeys are not the only entertainment at Club Med's luxurious Cherating Beach resort on Malaysia's east coast.

The resort has 324 rooms set on 80ha of sprawling, manicured lawns and gardens, set between pristine beachfront and unspoilt jungle. Monkeys amble across the rooftops and swing from the trees.

A holiday there can be as adventurous or relaxing as visitors choose.

Club Med was one of the pioneers of the all-inclusive holiday, so guests can eat, drink and try a huge variety of activities without paying extra. Stroll along the beach, swim in the South China Sea or paddle around the resort's huge pool facilities, which include a spa and wading area for children.

The resort has daily water exercise sessions and a well-equipped fitness centre, or guests can try their hands at sailing, kayaking, wall-climbing, roller-blading or bungy-bouncing.

Also available are tennis, table tennis, driving range and putting green, soccer balls, bocce, archery, trapeze lessons and yoga under palm trees as the waves roll in.

Our favourite activity, however, was lying by the pool with cold drinks and trashy novels.

Fun for the kids : The room included a cot, baby bath, change mat, bottle warmers, baby shampoo and food, while the main restaurant had high chairs, booster seats, jars of baby food and plastic plates, bowls and cutlery.

Meal times are no different. Make sure you pack your appetite, as you won't be bored when it comes to food. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are an extravagant, sumptuous and endless buffet.

The volume and variety of dishes on offer was staggering, ranging from Italian, Chinese, Malaysian and Korean to Japanese and Indian. Equally tempting was the idea of leaving our room to enjoy the fresh fruit, desserts and pastries.

Each week, chefs prepare about 320 different dishes (and up to 2300 meals a day), many cooked on the spot.

There are a number of day and half-day tours that are not included in the package.

If you've ever tried to budget for a holiday with children, only to see the bills balloon with extras, you'll love knowing what you'll get – and for how much – with Club Med.

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