Myspace for Music Promotion, a rising star in the Internet world, is a valuable marketing tool for musicians. The networking site has more than 65 million users and receives more daily hits than Google. MySpace allows you to post a free Web page called a “Profile,” which can include photos, music files, and videos. After you set it up, you can invite anyone who has access to the Web to visit your page.

With so many potential pairs of eyes and ears at your fingertips, it is becoming a necessity for any musical artist — whether signed and selling or unsigned and hopeful — to have a profile on MySpace. The site can help you gain a following, promote your recordings and gigs, and expose hungry Web surfers to your music. It can also serve as a functional, albeit limited, music Web site if you don't already have your own.

Set Yourself Up :

1. Have a cool layout. No babyish things, or glittery posters. Keep it clean, and choose a layout that looks good. Or just use the built in profile edit that MySpace provides you; that's your best bet.

2. Although it may look cool to have a lot of friends, it could just make you look desperate if you add tons of people you don't know.

3. Join vanity groups, especially VIP.

4. Have an original display name and URL. Make a simple and classy name.

5. Have a good about me. Talk about yourself, and what kinds of things you like to do. eg: Hi. I'm ____ and I'm in the ninth grade. Being Vegan. Keep it simple. And be confident.

6. Try having a mix of obscure bands and popular bands on your list, so people can relate. Have a song you like, and make sure you put of things that show your personality!

7. Ask people to support you.

Promoting Yourself :

Now that you have your profile up and running, it's time to maximize your presence. Well, now this time most of the Musician believe of outside advertising and commenting to others profile and leave them a links may give them greater visibility.. Yes !! it's true but according to the survey this is the worst idea to get popular in this biggest platform Like Myspace..

1. It is time consuming,

2. The time that you take commenting to others profile the less amount of time is needed to make yourself popular... Yes it's true

To make yourself greater visibility in Myspace and that's too in a very least time, a software company came up with a friendly software named as Hellofriendz that works like a Myspace Plays Increaser and provides you UNLIMITED hits to the profile, Musics, videos and more.

The publicity of this s/w is increasing day by day due to the certain reason ad follows :

1. It is the fastest Myspace Plays Increaser

2. It provides you 10,000 hits in Just 5 minutes and that too Unlimited.

3. It works in Proxies and also in New Myspace player

4. Any amount of plays/views you specified will be delivered (80K to 100,000 Hits Per Day)

5. Within a week you will start climbing the charts in your genre.

6. Hellofriendz, outfits today's artist with the marketing tools to establish real fans, revenue and most importantly, a name.

7. Using Hellofriendz you can easily touch your dreams, Eventually you can promote musics, bands, websites, booking for shows, drive maximum traffics, revenues and more just by setting your profile perfectly and without commenting or outside advertising...

In one word " Achieving Your Goals In A Perfect Way Giving A Minimum Effort "

So, the wait is over, please do not waste your money on something else. Think about your career, your futures and your dreams .. Set your Target Now by Hellofriendz.Com

God Bless You

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