Finally Desksense Launches Today (after much Market PR)

Desksense , the best mini-security solution for individuals and small organisation. It's a high end product, designed in MS .Net Framework, to provide end-to-end security for your PC. Desksense uses NTFS File system, and System Policies to set rules for your computer..

This is the screenshot of their website that we captured.

What you get by Desksense :  File Encrypt, File Decrypt , File Lock , Folder Lock , Read, Write, Delete, Copy - Various modes of Locking! , Website Block , Website categories filter , Website Ad/Script Lock , Pen/USB Flash Lock, Cd/Dvd Lock , Smart Card Lock , Floppy Lock , Lock Access to Protected Password Storage Unit , Block MSN Messenger service , Block Remote Registry Access , Turn off Automatic Updates , Hide Net meeting and Remote Desktop Sharing , Block Net Logon , Lock Smart Card including sudden crash recovery too... All these features included in just a software " Desksense " which has been released and it's totally FREE 

In photo : Simple drag and drop feature to lock your files and folders in a locker room which is a password secure place.

In photo : Well, this is what the feature that users must look for to protect their PC's from virus and malware attacked sites like adult sites or pornographs etc.. in very short this is "Keyword Filtering Website Block" feature.

Advance External Device Lock
The advance version of External Device Lock simplifies work by clicking on the external devices you wish to block, like USB device; CD/DVD and Floppy with these disable services like Remote Registry, Messenger Services etc. and much more....

Advance Folder/File Lock
The advance version of 'lock' feature provides browse and lock with the options of total lock, write lock or read lock according to the degree of security required for the files and folders chosen.

And now, this is what we get from the desksense blog, something someone from the organization wrote just before they launched the software. (

Let the Game Begin: Launch of Software had been perennial with us for many days though, never did we seem to be more excited than this. With all set within, for the big launch, within couple of hours from now, I personally could not help myself putting up some screenshots of the software, which are yet to be made public officially.

Our team, no less than a team of stars, and of which I feel very proud to be a part of, every bit of moment now; have not slept for almost 48 hours now, and yet we can see no sign of sleep grasping in our threshold. Watching all this big shots, hot and happenings in such a close proximity has definitely to do something with the matter.

We have got many people asking us about the PR that's allready generated in the market regarding our launch, and we might have annoyed many of them, keeping them waiting for Desksense. To tell you the truth, I personally don't guarantee the authenticity of "waiting is better than the event awaited", and niether do believe in that. Rather with the growing PR, we had to make sure that delusions of grandeur doesn't take over; and it only let us do a re-raincheck on the codes and working parameters of desksense.

Anyways, looking forward to satisfaction of all our users. Looking forward to the big ceremony in a couple of hours.

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