Top 7 Notorious Kisses Ever !!

Perhaps the most beautiful expression in the world, for when two lips lock, there is a direct link between the hearts. And to top it all, the kiss is even said to be an export from our own desi culture!
Here are the special moments when a kiss made us sit up and take notice – from the controversial to the simply sweet.
Some of these kisses have a story to tell, the rest are just delicious.

1. Gay couples kiss at Federation Square as Home and Away's controversial moment (inset) goes to air.

2. what a way to start! The pop princess Britney Spears planted a wet one on Madonna during the MTV Video Music Awards at New York's Radio City Music Hall. Plus, we were in for a repeat performance at the NRJ awards the very next year.

3. Madonna puts on a display during her gig at Olympia Theater in Paris when she kisses one of her backup dancers during her gig.

4. Penelope Cruz and her sister show us how much they support their brother in his latest video by agreeing to do a sensually kiss and very sexy lip-lock scene, “Cosas Que Contar”.

5. They will be appear naked apart from tiny leather bondage pants and knee-high boots, then engage in simulated sex.

6. Not one for the faint-hearted. Argentine soccer stars Diego Maradona and Claudio Caniggia kiss after Caniggia scored Boca Juniors' second goal in their 4-1 win against archrival River Plata, in Buenos Aires in 1996. It wasn't the first time the pair have shared such a kiss. A similar kiss just a month before this one sparked much criticism.

7. Down to Desi shores, the HIV-AIDS awareness event in New Delhi in 2007 ensured Shilpa Shetty lived up to her tag of controversy’s favorite desi babe. Hollywood star Richard Gere literally swept her off her feet in what may have been a harmless gesture. Of course, the moral police cried foul.

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Unknown said...

how could you possibly miss the kirk-uhura kiss, the first televised inter-racial kiss?

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