A Peek At Watches After Tommorrow

In the Internet age, a watch should be connected to the Web. It should tell the precise time and even your location. It turns out that the folks at Microsoft are already figuring this out. MSN Direct, a commercial spin off of their Smart Personal Objects Technology research, basically does this.In the future, wireless networks might enable your watch to do simple computations or send short text messages; it could turn into a simple but functional Internet appliance.

Things don’t get any more precise than Formula 1, and the concept F1/Carbon GMT watch is definitely a thing of beauty. Inspired by the world of F1, designer John Pszeniczny has decided to throw in a carbon fiber body, Swarovski crystals, rubber and metal into this timepiece that features 18 identical rubies while telling the time in all 18 cities on the 2008 F1 circuit. Other features include a built-in lap timer function and a stopwatch. I suppose if this was released, it will also be one of the fastest wallet emptiers in history, probably hitting $0 from $20,000 in the time you take to swipe your credit card.

We have seen the future of watches, and it's flexible LED. With a bracelet-inspired design, this Gucci watch slides open to reveal a transparent display.
The M330i phone from Digital Rise sports is feature packed with its 1.3-inch screen with 65k color TFT display at 160x128 pixels resolution which also provides Audio and video playback. The GSM/GPRS enabled phone connects on to Tri Band (900/1800/1900MHz or 850/1800/1900MHz) and provides a smart Blue tooth connectivity as well. The phone can impress well with the capability of storing from 512MB to 2GB internal memory and a neatly fit VGA camera too. One can use the keypad on the wrist strap of the phone.

Oracle was definitely the most significant software product on Power systems, I assume if Oracle decides it wants to keep the SPARC hardware architecture alive, it’s going to have to start favoring SPARC over Power. If nothing else, one assumes the fees IBM pays Oracle for Power support/currency/testing etc. will likely go up. Fascinating indeed.

The thin client watch [pictured above] would interact with bendable display panels [centre right below] to give users access to personal diary, chat, the Internet and Web services. The flexible display panels could be curled for storage.

You don't have to think of yourself as "pretty girl" for wanting to adorn this awesome watch. For Basel 2007, Seiko unveiled this incredible watch bracelet to show off the power of what e-ink (electronic ink) will provide to watches in the near future. The demand for the watch resulted in a limited production of about 1000 priced at a stratospheric $5,000 (and above). Very few of these watches ever made it to the US. One of these Seiko Spectrum watches is available on eBay right now starting at $500. I am impressed.

Immersive, atmospheric, enthralling-pick an affirmative adjective and it'll likely stick to Seiko's "Future Now" watch like a magnet to steel. Wealthy technophiles can now hope to get their hands on one of the limited 500 eInk-based watches which were first demonstrated in Basel, Switzerland .

Japanese Watch Shop Tokyo Flash just introduce a new very, very cool High Frequency Equalizer Wrist watch to the World.

The first High Frequency watch appeared last year in September. The new High Frequency 2 features a 3D style equalizer display. The animated display uses cool matrix style green lights.
The Equalizer High Frequency 2 features a very theatrical way to show the time. The display pushes up the top row of lights and the light spots float back down in a real equalizer effect, finally all the lights fall down off the face of the watch to leave only two lights to indicate the time for 5 seconds, then the two lights also trail off. The watch uses little battery power despite the animation effects. An Advanced LCD display using only 1 LED to light the entire watch is used. The face of the watch is actually mirrored.
Measurements of the face are 47x29xx11mm. The Equalizer Frequency 2 comes in silver and black with a metal strap.

The Timex2154 is a conceptual watch design that took runner-up in the global watch design competition sponsored by Timex and Core77. First place was a sundial. This particular concept was designed by a stoner (hence the 4:20) and fastens to your nail. You push the end to scroll through the different modes and change your color options. My girlfriend is so stupid she would probably nail polish right over it. Hey Timex, if you decide to manufacture this thing can you do me a favor and make a fingernail calculator too? I'm failing algebra because the teacher doesn't let us use calculators. Well, that, and the guy I chose cheat off of is apparently an idiot.

Keep in touch with a friend in the neighborhood with the Walkie Talkie watch Walkie Talkie watches, as this new model boasts a stunning range of up to 1.5 miles. Hey, at least you get to save on your monthly phone bill, right?Each purchase comes with an earpiece for discrete listening without having any busybodies eavesdrop on you. Features of these wrist Walkie Talkies include:
  • 1.5 mile range
  • Auto Squelch system - automatically cuts off weak transmissions
  • Auto-off to save power
  • Flex and Talk Operation
  • Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)
  • Digital volume control
  • Back light for LCD display
  • 3.5mm jack socket for use with earphones

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