World's Most Bizzare Sculptures In Public Places

Maddeningly bizarre, "cast in stone" - so people will have to live with it!

We have to say right away: we love these wicked additions to urban landscape - the weirder the better, less boring gray expanses and zombie-spawning parking lots! But we have to ask ourselves, what sort of oxygen these artists were inhaling, and what sort of psychedelic lunch they were eating before going on with something like this (see more than 30 examples below, some maybe slightly nsfw!). 

We number each sculpture, and let you vote in the comments which one is the most unforgettable, disturbing and bizarre! As for me, I am going to erect a metal scarecrow on the roof of my building to scare off police helicopters, or build a nutty shrine for squirrels in my backyard, all the while fighting off local, "zoning" by-law enforcers.

Should we start with the SuperLambBanana? Sure! -

1. Liverpool, England
2. People, shot full of holes, appropriately across L.A. Police Department.

3. A little overweight, Erevan, Armenia
4. San Jose, Costa Rica.

5. "Unfinished City of Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Project
6. The Lady Fish, San Francisco

7. Disabled statue on Trafalgar Square in London
8. Finger sculpture, similar to "Le Pouce" one, in France

9. City of Wilmington's tribute to the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot
10. "The Angel of the North" in Gateshead, England

11. Happy in Chattanooga, Tennessee 
12. Skull involved in non-traditional activity, Prague

13. Nameless example somewhere in Russia
14. Don't come close :)

15. Armenia, Erevan
16. Nazgul is spotted in Prague, the same one sits in Salzburg, Austria

17. Instead of surveillance camera...
18. David Cerny's classic "Pissing Men", Prague

19. Monument to Franz Kafka, Prague
20. Heavenly angel, resting... Prague again

21. Chattanooga, Tennessey 
22. Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia

23. A guy and a horse melting into a blob - but rather, this is Baron M√ľnchhausen, pulling himself up;
24. Watering problem solved, Wateringen, Holland 

25. Resting from trouble, in Moscow 

26. More Russian characters
27. A Street Sweeper, by Tzereteli 

28. Try to sit on this bench (street art by Brad Downey)
29. the meantime something big and round is getting ready to fall; Barcelona, Spain

30. Turin, Italy
31. Illustration to the "Fox and Crow" fable by Krylov 

32. A kiss in Kharkov, Ukraine
33. A fat, fat pigeon, Raffle Place, Singapore 

34. Ear creature in Cologne, Germany
35. Buddies, in Cheltenham, England 

36. Some parenting angst, in Vigelands Park, Oslo - Norway

37. Holey umbrella in Minsk, Belarus
38. Bathers in Singapore 

39. Flying families, Moscow...
40. and overturned horses (by David Cerny, Prague) 

41. Urban guys resting
42. and working... in Stockholm, Sweden, right outside Berzelii Park

43. Statue in Hungary, definitely having issues...
44. Steampunk character, "Birth Machine Baby" by H. R. Giger

45. Spectacular urban "fountain" in Karlsruhe, Germany

46. Bicycle in concrete, in Sarajevo.
47. FDR Memorial in Washington, DC 

48. Downtown Salt Lake City, showing "Survival of the Fattest"
49. Anatomy lesson in Manhattan

50. These ones are classics... Melbourne, Australia
51. Los Angeles, California

52. These are probably less known: "Cry in the Wilderness" in Minsk
53. and playful sculptures, unknown location 

54. Lenin having a break from politics

55. Mermaid milking herself, Bologna, Italy
56. and a guy, not really having a brain, looks like...

57 . This is an entirely different kind of street art (Germany), simply brilliant !!

58. Some metamorphosis, unknown
59. Square head in meditation, in Nice, France 

This is only a first part of projected (truly monumental) series, so send us tips and images of whatever sculptural weirdness you spotted in public places !

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Grellow said...

These would be my 3:
7. Disabled statue on Trafalgar Square in London
49. Anatomy lesson in Manhattan
55. Mermaid milking herself, Bologna, Italy

artistjk said...

great sculptures and pics of marilyn topless.........a fan jk

RWS said...

great collection

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