Top 10 Halloween Costumes For The Financial Crisis

Forget werewolves and vampires. With markets melting and 401(k)s dwindling, people are much more afraid of going broke. This Halloween, give revelers a real shot of terror with a costume that reflects the tough times.

1. AIG Executive

You'll need a fluffy robe and a respectable manicure.


--Spa slippers
--Clay facial mask
--Fluffy slippers
--AIG "Hi My Name Is..." sticker badge

2. Cowboy Capitalism

Dress up in a business suit but with a cowboy hat and boots. Sport a black eye.


--Adult beverage in a brown bag

3. Dow Jones Industrial Average

Paint a large piece of cardboard with a downward plunging arrow and write "DJIA" across your chest.


--A teddy bear
--A case of the shakes

4. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

A guy and a gal dress up as drunken sailors in the style of Raggedy Ann and Andy.


--Bottles of booze
--Toy houses

5. Financial Bailout

Gear up in red and gold as the Hammer and Sickle Superhero. You'll need: a headband, tights and a cape.


--A bucket labeled $700 billion and stuffed with cash.

6. Golden Parachute

Put on a jumpsuit (preferably gold). Then spray-paint a trash bag gold and attach parachute strings.


--Affix giant dollar sign to chest
--Safety goggles or golden superhero mask, depending on taste
--Play money tucked into belt and pockets.

7. Lehman CEO Dick Fuld

Climb into your Skeletor costume. Put on a golden parachute.


--"Blame the Shorts" button
--Golden handcuffs

8. Mortgage-Backed Security

Strap a small, plastic child's play house on your back.


--Wrap two bike chains across your chest
--Makeup to turn face black and blue

9. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson

Get a sharp looking suit, bald cap, rimless spectacles.


--Toy bazooka

--Assistant Secretary Neel Kashkari "mini me" doll.

10. Underwater Mortgage

Make a diorama of a house with a hole in the bottom for your head. Paint fish and furniture floating in the windows. Wear a snorkel and diving mask


--Life preserver labeled "foreclosure relief plan"

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