5 Hot Celebrities Bare All For Allure

Allure asked five celebrities to bare it all for the camera. Learn what they had to say about self-esteem, their bodies, and stripping down; for more of revealing interviews with them, pick up the May issue of Allure, on newsstands April 21.


ALLURE: What did you do to prepare for the shoot?
PADMA LAKSHMI: "I exercised a little bit extra, but I actually think I look better when I have a little bit of weight on—my breasts are fuller, and I'm curvier than when I'm at my thinnest."

ALLURE: Are you confident about your body?
PL: "Yes; I like the way I look. I think I look better now than I did in my 20s, because I'm more confident about my body—and I don't want to look like anyone but myself."

ALLURE: Do you sleep naked?
PL: "I tend to sleep in the nude. I'm an innately tactile person and a very sensual-leaning woman. You have to use the word 'leaning' or it sounds like I'm boasting! When I'm in my own private space, I do spend time with very little on."


ALLURE: Why did you agree to pose naked?
LYNN COLLINS: "Women with confidence in their bodies are the sexiest thing, so I put on my cape of courage and did it. It was quite liberating!"

ALLURE: What body part were you nervous to expose?
LC: "He shot that place where your butt meets your thigh. It's a special place on a woman; it's a highly erogenous zone, but it's one of the hardest places to get in shape."

ALLURE: How do love scenes in films compare to our shoot?
LC: "It's different when you're working with another person, for sure. By yourself, there is a certain amount of security involved, and you feel like you have more power."


ALLURE: What did you do to prepare for the shoot?
SHARON LEAL: "At first, I was flattered to be asked, and then I thought, Wow, can I do it? I tried not to have my late-night French-fry fix, and I tried to mentally prepare and keep the fear at bay."

ALLURE: What was the worst part of the shoot?
SL: "The ache in my hip from holding the pose."

ALLURE: What happened when you dropped the robe?
SL: "I just breathed and said to myself, 'I'm comfortable, I'm beautiful; I'm comfortable, I'm beautiful,' until I didn't have to say that anymore.... It's liberating, but posing once may be enough."


ALLURE: Why did you agree to pose naked?
CH: "I like being naked, and I like Allure, so I figured, Why not?"

ALLURE: What was it like on the set?
CH: "I think it was easy—you're naked a couple times a day, so I think it would be easy for most women."

ALLURE: What body parts are you most proud of?
CH: "My boobs are good. They're real and perky. Even if you can't see them, the important thing is that I know about them, and the guys I've slept with know about them."


ALLURE: Are you comfortable with nudity?
ELIZA DUSHKU: "I grew up with three brothers, and I was never shy about covering up. It got to the point where my mom was like, 'OK, honey, it's time to put some clothes on now.'"

ALLURE: What about these days?
ED: "I'll strip down to my underwear and my Ugg boots when I eat lunch in my trailer."

ALLURE: How would you compare this to filming a love scene?
ED: "Love scenes are much more multidimensional, because often you have two people who have just met and you're rolling around, and it's more awkward than when you're posing alone."

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