Spiral Wonder Of Helix

Unique ... the Helix Hotel in Abu Dhabi is a unique development that won't have floors but will be built in a spiral shape. The hotel, which will float into the Persian Gulf, will maximise natural resources such as the sun, wind and ocean water.

Ideal location ... the hotel rests in the bay, partially floating in the water and adjacent to the serpentine Sheik Zayed Bridge which is currently under construction.

Spacious ... the hotel will contain 208 rooms, with interior temperatures managed by a cascading ocean-fed waterfall.

Changing ... the floor constantly shifts in width and pitch as it rises to the top floor, keeping public spaces always in flux.

Facilities ... it has lounges, cafes, a luxury indoor-outdoor health spa and an upper pool deck.

Unique urban world ... no two rooms positioned across from each other have exact views to the other side .

Sight for sore eyes ... a simple and spacious interior gives way to ocean views .

Swirling ... the design will make for good exercise .

Solid ground ... the running track is the only moment where the ramping ceases and a flat surface prevails.

Breathtaking ... the stunning location.

Dramatic sunset ... a hotel like no other ..

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