Future Space Vehicles By "Cosmic Motors"

If you wondered who is on the cutting edge of futuristic vehicle design, here is your answer

Daniel Simon, God bless his skills and imagination, is the coolest concept vehicle designer this side of Saturn's rings. The future itself can't help but shrivel and scuttle into a corner when this mighty artist enters the room. Yes! the Future itself feels intimidated, knowing that it will have to come up with something as radical and smooth as Daniel's visions in a few hundred years.

Here you can see how much joy the curves of a properly-designed luxury car can bring to a blissful eye.

An "epic vehicle" is one way to describe the exploration Ice Train that routinely meets two dozen Cthulhu on any given trip (who line up for credit for a chance of ownership, on their unspeakable terms). It's big, it's gorgeous, and it knows it.

Stewardesses of these sexy vehicles are pretty sexy, too. Almost as groovy as the original "Joy of Flying" examples of the 1960s.

This is probably the most atmospheric and moody image that we intensely like (a "Hard Days Night" caption, perhaps?) -

Detailed to the point of obsession, sleek and sensual enough to be considered evil - these machines haunt your dreams and DRIVE your desires, prompting you to look on your current car with a sort of deep sadness...

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