Top 20 Hollywood's Best & Worst Marriages

NOT all Hollywood marriages are bound for divorce, but some certainly are, here's the List of best and worst marriages in Hollywood industry one after other... check those out and let me know if you have someone new in your list ...

Short-lived ... Pamela Anderson is known for her marriages, and not because they've been particularly successful. Anderson married Motely Crue drummer Tommy Lee, in February 1995 after knowing him for only 96 hours. She married and divorced Lee twice, married Kid Rock in 2006 for four months and Paris Hilton's ex Rick Salomon in 2007, also for four months.

Lasted the distance ... It seems a good dose of humour could be the secret to a long-lasting marriage. Ben Stiller's parents, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, who were best known as the prominent 1960's comedy team, Stiller and Meara, have been married 54 years and are still going strong.

Short-lived ... Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman were married for 9 days in November 1998. The world's wildest basketballer had his marriage to the one-time Baywatch pin-up annulled less than a fortnight after vowing he'd spend the rest of his life with her .

Lasted the distance ... Tom Hanks and his actress wife Rita Wilson have been happily married for 21 years after tying the knot in April 1988. The couple have two children .

Short-lived ... Despite the fact that it looks like she'll live happily ever after with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie once vowed she would spend the rest of her life with Billy Bob Thornton. The pair became renowned for their frequent public declarations of love including wearing one another's blood in vials around their necks. The pair were married for less than three years.

Lasted the distance ... Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick will celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary on the 4th of September .

Short-lived ... Just twenty days after Lisa Marie Presley divorced her first husband, musician Danny Keough, Presley married Michael Jackson on May 26, 1994. They were divorced by January 1996. Presley then went on to marry actor Nicholas Cage in 2002, just ten days after they became engaged. Cage filed for divorce after 108 days of marriage.

Lasted the distance ... Bill Cosby and Camille Cosby are still married after 45 years together. They tied the knot on January 25 1964 .

Short-lived ... Lopez's first marriage was to Cuban-born Ojani Noa for less than a year, but she is most famous for her four month, second marriage, to Cris Judd in 2001, whom she met while filming the music video for her single " Love Don't Cost a Thing ".

Lasted the distance ... John Travolta and Kelly Preston have endured some tough times during their 17 year marriage, including recently losing their son Jett at just 16 years of age. The pair have remained the best of friends and have one of the strongest marriages in Hollywood.

Short-lived ... Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney met at a tsunami relief benefit in January 2005. They were married five months later on May 9, 2005 and were divorced 7 months later on December 20, 2005.

Lasted the distance ... Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on the 16th April. The pair were married in 1983.

Short-lived ... Britney Spears and her wannabe rapper hubby Kevin Federline were married for a little over a year, having two children together during their short union. In 2004 the pop singer also married her childhood sweetheart, Jason Allen Alexander, in Las Vegas, but had the marriage annulled within 55 hours .

Lasted the distance ... David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach managed an unusually long marriage by Hollywood terms - they stuck it out for 16 years.

Short-lived ... Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson endured a very public marriage through their reality TV series Newlyweds, but tried to keep their divorce a private affair when it ended after less than four years together .

Lasted the distance ... Celine Dion and Rene Angelil married in an elaborate ceremony in December 1994 and remain together 14 years on . Celine Dion and Rene Angelil was married in 1994. The date of their wedding was 17 December. Prior to their marriage, they were known to each other for decades as it was Angelil who made Dion what she is today. Close professional relationship quickly took a turn for something else, more sublime and intimate. They have remained together through thick and thin and after undergoing fertility treatments, Dion has given birth to a son Rene-Charles Dion Angelil. Two committed people truly deserve accolades from " My Dear Valentine ".

Short-lived ... Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush played sweethearts on screen in the teen drama One Tree Hill, but off-screen their love wasn't so successful. The pair were married on April 16, 2005, but just five months later on September 26, 2005, Bush announced that she had separated from her husband.

Lasted the distance ... Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith married on New Year's Eve in 1997 and remain together 11 years on.

Short-lived ... Tom Green and Drew Barrymore met after Barrymore, who was a fan of Green's comedy show, asked him to appear in Charlie's Angels, which she starred in and produced. The pair were married in 2001 for less than six months .

Lasted the distance ... Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston stuck it out for 14 years with both of the troubled popstars enduring stints together in rehab.

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