Bizarre Organ Donor Dolls ?!!

These dolls are all heart - and lungs, eyeballs and brains. David Foox, an artist based in Denver, Colorado, has created a collection of organ donor dolls.

Inspired by his Uncle Ken's double lung transplant, Foox designed the dolls which have nine different organs as heads and come in 24 different colourways. Some are rarer than others.

Pictured above are the heart donor dolls, with the rare Purple Heart in a camouflage hospital gown, and Lionheart in a St George's cross.

The standard kidney donor doll, and the limited edition Black Market Kidney doll.

Four different lung dolls, including Smoker's Lungs, Iron Lungs and Invincible Lungs.

Liver donor dolls, including the Pickled Liver doll on the left and the Lecter on the right.

The regular brain doll and the Nuclear Thinker.

Eye/cornea transplant dolls.

Plasma dolls. The one on the left is called Eye of the Stormive.

Stem cells. Each doll wears an ill-fitting hospital gown, open at the back.

White and red blood cells. If you'd like to own these Organ Donor dolls, you can order them here. The dolls are sold in "blind" boxes, meaning you won't know which organ you will receive

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