World's First And Most Strange ' Zero Star ' Hotel

Cheap digs ... the Null stern Hotel in the small town of Sevelen, Switzerland, will become the world's first 'zero star hotel' when it opens in 2009.

Going underground ... the hotel has been developed inside a former nuclear bunker.

Close shave ... guests can swap expensive luxury hotel add-ons for prison-style essentials for just $14 a night.

Sleep company ... visitors are treated to dorm-style accommodation with Swiss army-standard beds.

Safe haven ... hotel guests will be safe from terrorist attacks in the cosy Cold War bunker.

Up-grade ... visitors can upgrade from dorm-style accommodation to their own room, complete with unpainted concrete walls, for $39.

Family affair ... guests will receive a complimentary pair of slippers to venture across the cold concrete floors and mingle with fellow inmates.

Also on offer is a set of earplugs to drown out the noisy ventilation system.

Bottle it up ... the converted nuclear bunker is too expensive to heat, so guests are treated to free hot water bottles to keep them cosy.

Wheel of unfortune ... like the rest of the hotel, the interior artwork is a lot to be desired.

Face value ... and the exterior isn't exactly inviting, either.

We're open ... at least they went all out on advertising the hotel.

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Harsh Agrawal said...

3rd picture is really weird

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