Top 20 Hottest Babes Of Myspace

Hot Bahara : I don’t remember if she won or not, but she deserved to be a Maxim hometown hottie.

Wendy is known for her two best friends. Exhibits A and B. Other than that, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Patty’s on the right
Let us face it. This chick is over 40 years old and she’s Latina. That and she clearly still parties on the Vegas scene. In real life it’s kind of lame but in my world it’s pretty fantastic.

I don’t know her age, I don’t know her interests. I just know this picture is absolutely amazing. And she lives on Long Island! Myspace toolboxes are headed straight her way.

Chera is another vixen from Las Vegas just trying to make her way. Just sign with Uncoached XXX, I’ll give you your break sweety.

Laura’s actually getting pretty famous these days but when I came across her she was a spec of dust. Now? Now I’d give my left ball to caress her cheek.

Queen Esther : This chick just has bad girl written all over her. She would seriously take you for a ride. Wow !

Sexy Senorita : All I know is that this chick has a major attitude. You can tell by her pictures and description. But man you can tell me that a session from behind wouldn’t cure all that. Boy does she look bitchy…I love it.
Sexy girl Shannon : I want to marry this girl :) Thanks.

Natalie AKA Princess *** : With a name like that you know you’re in for a wild ride. I’d definitely let her *** slap me.

Darlene Garcia AKA DJ Astrea : Yup, she’s a real DJ. That and she has a vagina so I’m all in.

The Pirate Hooker Baby : The name says it all. And if you can get into that profile you will be rewarded with wonderful pictures. There’s just something highly dirty about her, and I like it…a lot.

Natalie Marie : She’s easily one of my favorites. And she’s probably the hottest girl in all of Cleveland.

Club Girl Ania : I can’t believe where these chicks come from. I don’t know, anywhere?

Erika Medina : She might be one of the hottest chicks I’ve ever seen. Good Lord.

Sara Lime : Yes, it’s because of her huge assests ..

Amy Lynn : Her name sounds like it’d be famous right? Nope. She’s just a dirty girl from Massachusetts. Works for me :)

Nicole AKA The Girl Who Banged DJ Strawberry : If memory serves, she had some tremendous cans.

Cherie Carlson : Cherie is kind of getting known on Spike TV. However, chances are you don’t know her. And you should.

Brenda Lynn Acevedo : How she’s not completely famous by now is a mystery to me.

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