Venomous Spider Spreading Breeds In Britain

A VENOMOUS spider is spreading across Britain due to climate change, experts warned yesterday.
The False Widow — cousin of the Black Widow — carries enough poison to kill a human.

It first arrived in Devon from the Canary Islands 140 years ago.

But it has now set up colonies in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire after a series of mild winters.

Gran Lyn Mitchell, 52, fell into a coma after being bitten as she slept at home in Egremont, Cumbria, in January.

Joanne West, 32, was temporarily paralysed by a False Widow on her bed three months later in Fareham, Hants.

The purple and black creature looks similar to a Black Widow, but has a smaller body — the size of a 1p piece.

Matt Shardlow, director of charity Buglife, said: “They may also have evolved to cope with the colder weather.”

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