World's First Lego Film Posters

Here's a gallery of famous film posters recreated using Lego bricks and minifigs.

Most of the posters in this gallery were made by Craig Lyons, a graphic designer from Bourne in Lincolnshire. He says: "I have always loved Lego and have a huge collection. I mainly collect the mini-figures, but have amassed 10,000's of pieces in my collection.

Craig's first poster was this one for Jaws - it's also his favourite. It's probably ours, too.

Creative lego art for Movie Harry Potter... Interesting !!

He says the hardest one to do was Reservoir Dogs: "as the figures had to be photographed separately, and all the shadows were tricky to do".

You can see more of Craig's Lego creations at his Flickr site

Craig is not alone in recreating movie posters in Lego. Here are a few more posted on Flickr. This Forrest Gump poster was created by Marcin ImpreSariO...

...who also made this one.

Creative lego art for Movie X-men Origins Wolverine ( New Released )

Creative lego art for The Legend movie named " Iam Lego ".

Creative lego art for Movie 300

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wvogt said...

nice idea. some of them are really perfect. My favorite is "jaws";-)
I also found al collection of very nice lego movies on

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