Most Miserable Day Of The Week..It's Not Monday !!

Monday was always assumed to be the day we are most miserable, but in a recent market research it turns out that, Wednesday is the worst day of the week...!

That’s the claim of two American mathematicians, who analyzed words used in 2.4 million internet blogs such as Twitter, giving a score out of nine depending on how positive they were.

Christopher Danforth and Peter Dodds, of Vermont University, gave words like free, fun, rainbow and sex an eight plus score, while words such as betray, cruel, hatred and suffocate all scored less than two.

Saturday and Sunday rated predictably well but, most shockingly, Monday came out as the second happiest day of the week, partly because people were still reminiscing about the weekend, the British newspaper Daily Telegraph reported on Sunday.

However by Wednesday, these feelings had subsided. Christopher Danforth said: “People’s daily experience is being reflected somewhat in what they’re saying. And this is more of a story, we think, for Twitter messages, which we’ve just started to pay attention to, about a year ago.

“They think that they are communicating with friends, but since blogs are public we’re just looking over their shoulders. The weekends tend to be fairly happy and Wednesday turned out to be the saddest day in our study.”

The expert added: “What we’re attempting to do is measure collective happiness on a much larger scale, similar to measuring the temperature outside.

“The energy of a few molecules bouncing around doesn’t give a good indication of heat, you need billions or more.”

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