Funny & Meaningful Expression Change With Inverted Faces !!

Interesting two faces pictures. If you turn them upside down, you get another face.

Well, this is very interesting to see that the same face of a man can change his expression without changing his face muscles..all you have to do is either invert yourself or his face, and you could see the amazing change of expressions. See some funny faces and have fun :)

A smiling teenage boy could be turn out as a old man

You can get the queen cheerful queen if you could invert the face of the mighty King

Well, a bad guy could be turn out as a fun loving guy

I could be a funny man, but some times I get very angry too.

I could easily see the difference..can you too..!

Stop arguing with me. Don't you that we are same..?

I could easily see the differences between them..just in numbers. What you say?

Those images are really very funny but it teaches us some amazing true facts of life..! Can you imagine what are they? I think every individual has two faces in his/her life.A funny man always hide his serious part behind his great smile..

Share your views with me...!

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