15 Bizarrest Bottle Openers

Ronaldinho Bottle Opener
This one has been sold on Ebay for $12,150.60 USD!

Credit Card Bottle Opener
This credit card shaped bottle opener is made from 1.2mm Stainless steel and it's in a size of
credit card. £6.95

Shark Bottle Opener
This cool Shark Bottle Opener is made from ABS plastic. Use the built in magnet to stick it to the
fridge. $13.95 in green and orange, the only two colors that matter.

Helping Hand Bottle Opener
With this one you'll never be left searching for your bottle opener again!$6.99

Stainless Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener
Ideal for those urgent drink-related situations. £14.95

Talking Dalek Bottle Opener
Bottle opener where the Dalek screams out in trademark Dalek style - Alert! Alert! It has been

Novelty Bottle Opener
This is voice recording bottle opener. Yes, you can actually record your voice with this one.

Vintage Parrot Bottle Opener
And something for antique collectors. This vintage cast iron parrot bottle opener with can punch byJohn Wright co. is original painted. The bottle opener is marked "OCEAN CITY, MD." and was probablyonce sold as a souvenir item.

Samurai Bottle Opener

Homer Fridge Magnet Talking Bottle Opener

Another bottle opener from the Simpson family. The Homer talking bottle opener measures 13 cm in height and says three trademark phrases as you pry off that bottle cap. He says:
-“80% of the Human body is water.... or in my case Beer!”
-“To Alcohol ...The Cause of and Solution to all of life's problems!”
-“Drink up! not drinking is only gonna make it worse”

Evil Skull Bottle Opener $20

Rabbit bottle opener and bar stopper .$25

Flashlight Carabiner Bottle Opener
A bottle opener, a key chain holde and occasional utility light in one.

Golf Ball Bottle Opener

KGB Watch Bottle Opener
The introduction on the Ru21 website is kind of cool. $19.99
Introduction: The only "5 in 1" KGB Gadget in the world that features:
2.Hidden compartment (stores up to 6 RU-21 pills or spy microchips)
3.Bottle opener

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