Famous Celebrity Faces Comes Out From Phone Books...Amazing Creation !!

Alex Queral carves famous faces out of unwanted phone books.

Sculptor Alex Queral, 51, from Philadelphia, US, has hand crafted some of the world's most famous faces...

President Obama

Jack Nicholson

Bob Dylan

the artist got his idea and started chipping away when he noticed piles of unused phone books just lying around

Phone Book art of The Dalai Lama called "Free Tibet"

The resourceful artist now produces up to two new impressions every month and has been crafting his works for 14 years.He begins by selecting his famous face and copies it by freehand sketching.His drawing is then placed over the phone book as a template and he uses an artist's scalpel or basic razor blades to patiently slice away at the thousands of pages inside the famous book.

He said: "Every year when the new phone book comes out you see just piles of the old ones lying
around waiting for collection.

"It can be quite tense work sometimes because it takes a long time to finish and when you cut something away you can't get it back again"

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