World's Most Freezing Transportation Under (-) Degree Temperature !!

These are the reason I don't like bus, specially when it is run under such low temperature.This is really horrible..! I don't even understand how they, the Russian people, manage to ride these kind of snow-box !!

I have seen these in pictures and I feel shivering in my back-bone..! Let me know your feeling about this Freezing Transport..

I know it is hard to believe but well..! its true!
There is no such differences between the outer and inner portion of the vehicles..are they freezed also? I don't think so...What about you?

Very hard to operate the control panel..
I just only think about that people who travel in this kind of bus every day.
Do you think that broom really works..!!

Now Its Really very horrible, I am confuse how travelers are manage to go by that kind of junk!
Don't worry it's not surrounded by glacier or under a huge avalanche.It is a normal view of this daily transport vehicles
The driver manage to stop the bus at the bus stand. But I can't see the Bus stand!

Outer view of the Coolest Transport..its looks better from the out side

I don,t think the bus or the bus driver has any kind of night vision..whatever the buses are on their way to daily service.


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