The Amazing Real Life Spider-Man ..Is It A Fake ??!

Hanging on ... the incredible Spider-Man’s skills

REAL life Spider-Man Jyothi Raj has the amazing ability of being able to stick to a wall — UPSIDE DOWN.
The daredevil climber is a hero in India wowing crowds by scaling heights of up to 300ft without a harness.

Wowing the crowds ... climber Jyothi Raj

Tourists flock to see the former construction worker's death-defying feats at the Chitradurga Fort in Karnataka, in the west of the country.

The 22-year-old discovered his climbing ability four years ago working on one of the county's notoriously dangerous building sites.

Standing out ... real life Spidey in action


And after teaching himself by watching monkeys climb trees, Jyothi has enhanced his dazzling agility using stunts from his favourite films.

He even copies some of Spider-Man's best moves, hanging upside down and jutting out at a 90 degree angle.

Jyothi said: "I began to climb for fun at the weekends and came to the famous fort here at Chitradurga to entertain the crowds, especially on Sundays.

"I love to see their faces when I position myself upside down and hear them holding their breath for my safety.

"My ability to see the foothold that others can't is proof to me that I was born to climb.

"My strength and hand speed are the tools that set me apart from other climbers."

He added: "These climbs go up to 300ft.

"They are physically testing and dangerous, but I want to move on and climb buildings and mountains."

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