Hottest Car Washing Girls Ever..Deadly Looks !!

There is something very interesting to see about girls washing cars, especially when they are hot and wearing not a lot!

I'm crazy about new cars and always very choosy. And I also think that there is a keen resemblance between cars and hot girls. If you don't believe me just check this out and I'm sure that you have to change your mind !!

I know water is one of the important thing which we have to preserve for the future but this time I can't resist my self to see the last drop of it.

Boys are love to wear Jeans, but this time they have failed to prove it..

I love black, specially when it's about cars.

This is all about washing a car, nothing else..!

Sometimes It's not all about washing a car..!

Sports car is very popular to all of us. We love to ride it and sometime just love to watch when it getting ready for a race.

When it 's a question of a car, I am very choosy. So I can't take any risk...had to appoint some one who is specialist of it.

This is one of my favorite I have to taking care of it in soft hands..!

Sometimes cars are very lucky to be a machine because they can't wash themselves of their own.

Getup and body are always very important for me when it is a question of a car and I like to check this very minutely.

Orange is my another favorite color which very smooth goes with pink..!

Though I am very passionate about black but this time I would go for a test drive on white.

I can't stop myself for any kind of car racing, especially when someone navigate me, sitting at the front sit of my car.

NB:Please let me know about your opinion and also give me some more ideas if you have something better.

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