'Terrorism' The Existence Of Dark World In Humanity !!

"No turning of the seasons can diminish the pain and the loss of that day," This was uttered by Mr Obama at a memorial to victims who perished when a hijacked airliner crashed into the Pentagon military headquarters eight years ago.

Well, this is (9/11) really a black day for America or it is better to say that a BLACK day for humanity, mankind.We can forfeit the material loss of that day but we can't forfeit..the loss of those people who lost their life in that incident.And the the loss of their family...!
"No passage of time, no dark skies can ever dull the meaning of this moment." - Mr. Barack Obama;
Terrorism has no face or any identity on which we find them and destroy them for the Global peace..It has several name in several country but they has only one identity to recognize themselves, that is- TERRORISM...

We can easily kill a terrorist, if we try to do so but it is impossible for us to finish the terrorism ...why? That is the million dollar question which still needs to be answered !!

We haven't forgotten any thing, but It seems that World has forgotten many things which still leave a impact in the pages of History...

Still History can remember the horrible day of Hiroshima (6 th August) and Nagasaki (9 th August)
A victim of the attack on Hiroshima with an Atomic Bomb...Does any one tell me the reason of his death ? What we call this..War or Terrorism ??

It is a great view of Hiroshima's 'Ground Zero'. It is also a nude image of terrorism..!

I don't say that this is a beginning, but it certainly has some role to evokes the fire of terrorism. I don't know whether you agree with me or not..! But it is true my friends.

Now the whole World is shivering in the pandemic wave of terrorism...

..people have to pay a big price for it !

We can remember them, we can convey our heartiest feeling for them..but we can't do anything better than that..
Man and mankind has to think again in this issue..from where the problem arise and the exact reason behind that. By this process we can actually solve the problem of terrorism..!
This is very symbolic but still there are some patches on the white pigeon..Lot more ways to come and lot more ways...Still to go ! Are we ready for that ?

But we are still hopeful towards Global peace..

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Unknown said...

the crater is not hiroshima or nagasaki but a meteor crater in arizona

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