Wonderful Digital Geometry Of Plant Growth !!

It's not too often that you find a good mashup of plants and computers, but artist Macoto Murayama manages the trick.He leverages the wonderful geometry of plant growth patterns to make stunning images. Some of them are even anatomically correct — but don't worry. They're definitely safe for work.

A Japanese digital artist has shown the beauty and complexity of flowers - by recreating them with a computer.Macoto Murayama carefully dissects real plants before rendering them using powerful technology.The resulting work shows the beauty of their structures in amazing detail.Macoto says he was inspired by botanical artists of the 15-17th century who would create detailed plant sketches for reference books,The 25-year-old from Odawara, Japan, explains: "I use plants from a flower shop or even one I may have picked up in the road then I dissect it with a scalpel, taking every part such as the petals or ovary and observing them with a magnifying glass,I then either take a photograph or make a sketch of the pieces before rendering them using specialist 3D computer software"

Each work can take between three days to a month depending on its complexity.

Now let me allowe to show you some amazing and stunning images of this great artist...

Artist Himself in Digital Mode

I'm sure that these will make you wonder ! It's true. Now these days digital images are not a matter of facts. But we can't ignore that this artist have the power of imagination which reflects in his amazing art of work...!

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